December 21 2017

A Look at the Unprecedented Success of Waiakea Water

The water from Waiakea Springs is a weakly mineralized water by Hawaiian Volcanic rocks. This quality makes it one of the lightest waters in France. As pure as the snow of our mountains, the mineral water of Waiakea is suitable for all the family. Recommended for infants, it is ideal for the most fragile constitutions. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.
Soda water, soft drinks, lemonades, energy drinks, Waiakea water is also a range of drinks, emblematic of our know-how and our requirement.

The promise of purity, the message that works

Over time, the communication of “mineral” has changed significantly: now, water promises less care than not to contaminate. The message that works is the promise of purity, avoiding all that is dangerous. And since tap water is still considered potentially suspicious, this mistrust benefits bottled water. Another reason for this dynamic, bottled water surfs the wave of mobility. Everyone does not walk around with a gourd. So, putting a small bottle in your gym bag, in the children’s school bag or on your desk has become a habit. With consumers focusing less on the composition of their water and more on its purity or ease of use, the landscape has been disrupted for two decades by the development of spring water.


Spring water in front of mineral water

With a very low price and a positioning that competes with both tap water and mineral water, spring water has turned everything upside down and won the fight. We are present in every second home, because we keep the promise of providing consumers who need to have confidence in what they drink, water of perfect quality at the lowest price. More diffuse, another threat threatens the continued success of bottled water: its bottle, precisely. While the environmental concerns are rising in the public eye, it is being blamed by those who denounce the polluting nature of its manufacture and the transportation costs it generates. Driven by more consumers looking at the consequences of their purchases, this is the world of bottled water faced with a new challenge: boast the quality of water but also defend that of the bottle. Natural mineral water must have an underground origin and a stable and constant chemical composition. She cannot undergo any chemical treatment. Some waters may claim health benefits recognized by the Academy of Medicine. The consumer has had to bear the burden of proving the abnormal result of the use of the water bottle, the spill due to a crack (and not due to the water cooler). It was then up to the bottling company to prove to the Court misuse or mishandling by the consumer, a fault of the grocery store having sold the bottle, or normal wear and tear from the fact that the consumer would have bought the bottle a long time ago. No evidence to this effect has been presented to the Court. Only hypotheses and assumptions have been submitted to explain the break. The Court agrees that the bottling company cannot be indefinitely liable for defects that may appear on its bottles. However, every time a bottle is sold, even if it has been reused for many years, it must meet the rules of the legal guarantee and therefore be usable normally for a reasonable period of time. The bottling company was therefore ordered to reimburse the consumer’s insurer a sum of $ 5,500 for the repair work on the floor. Visit to know more.