January 20 2017

NCAA football is good place to start professional sports betting

There are two primary types of gamblers. The first comprises virtually everyone who steps foot in the casino, online or live. These are the recreational gamblers. Recreational gamblers’ main goal is simply to have fun. They largely view gambling as a form of entertainment with a price tag, like going to an adult amusement park. There is a small subset of these gamblers who play either because they actually believe they are going to win or because they cannot control their urges to gamble, these are the problem gamblers. But most recreational gamblers are perfectly capable of enjoying a Friday night at the casino without problems.

The second group of gamblers is the professional gamblers. This is a tiny number of players relative to the vast majority who fall under the category of recreational gamblers. Professional gamblers are not there for entertainment. Instead, they treat gambling as a stock trader treats investing. They will only place a bet on football odds if they know that they expect to make a long-term profit.

There are three main ways that professional gamblers can make a consistent living inside a casino, although, other means also exist. The first game that is consistently beatable is Blackjack. Players who can beat Blackjack become skilled at counting cards and a few other advanced methods that can take years to master. The second game that professionals play is poker. Poker is, arguably, even more difficult to master than Blackjack. Most modern casinos have poker rooms and any time you sit down at a game there, usually, at least one or two of the players will be full-time professional players.

The third way, and perhaps the best way, is betting sports. More than any of the other forms of professional gambling, sports bettors are less gamblers and more data analysts.
The best sports bettors can detect when the line on a game is mispriced and earn a long term profit by taking bets that pay off more than they should. College football has always been one of the most lucrative sports for professional sports betters. For more information about college football odds, please visit Covers.com.

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