August 7 2015

How to Find the Best Dog Food

It’s not easy to find the best food for your dog which is also the best for your budget. There are so many different brands that may be cheaper, but do no good to your dogs. Some people say that there is truly no safe dog food that can be found in a bag or a can. We need to really know the actual ingredients that make them up, and we have to really read them carefully to find a healthy dog food.

What do dogs need to eat?

MEAT – Your dog needs meat in order to keep him healthy. Meat should be the main ingredient of a good dog food. It can be muscle meat, organ meat or bone, like ground beef, liver, chicken breast, and bone meal. But meat is expensive, so pet food companies resort on adding more of something else and less of meat. They add grains and cereals like wheat, corn or soy, which cannot be digested by dogs. Grains and cereals can lead to many recurring health problems for the dogs.

Pet food companies add fillers and other food substitutes like rice flour, beet pulp, gluten meal, even if the dogs can’t extract their nutrients. Dry or wet dog foods with these ingredients will not be giving your dog the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and live longer. These ingredients may cause him prolonged health problems and a reduced lifespan.

Most dog foods with these kinds of ingredients are cheaper and good for your budget. Sadly, they are not good for your dog’s health.

In addition to having meat as the main ingredient, you have to check if the meat content is raw, lightly cooked, or cooked at the highest levels. Most commercially prepared dog foods overcook their meat, which essentially eliminates the beneficial enzymes and antioxidants, which are needed by your dog to be in good health.

Homemade dog food is always the best for your dog or a frozen diet made of muscle or organ meat, bone, and vegetables. These frozen diets can be thawed and fed to the dog raw, which is the best way, or lightly cooked, which also works. Not all frozen diets are good too, but you will be able to find some that works just fine.

The best thing to do is give your dog dry dog food and give it as an occasional meal. But choose the dry dog food that’s mainly meat-based with small amounts of real foods, with no other ingredients that they cannot digest anyway.

Give your dog a variety of foods. Feed it with meals you made at home, or packed frozen meals, and sometimes with a canned meal. Fill your dog’s bowl with complete nutrition that he needs to thrive every day, and help him have a shiny coat and healthy skin.

The Beneful brand of dog food blends the healthy benefits of dry dog food with the delectable taste of a moist food. Your dog will enjoy the meat chunks mixed with a variety crunchy kibbles.

Beneful dry dog foods will keep dogs energetic and healthy while enjoying a perfect combination of real, wholesome ingredients, quality nutrition and great taste. It gives your dog all the nutrients he needs for a healthy, sustained life.

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January 26 2015

Lupe Fiasco vs. Kid Cudi

Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi were once cool. Those days appear to be over. The two have apparently been going back and forth on Twitter over some childish stuff. The Twitter beef sparked attention because both rappers rang in the same circles as Kanye West at one time.

Some time in 2014 Lupe Fiasco send out tweets to fans saying that he would write lyrics for people that they could claim as their own. He was basically going to ghost write and sell lyrics for $500. Flavio Maluf says this is why he normally sticks to LinkedIn. Kid Cudi made about comment to Lupe where he asked Lupe what he was planning to do with the money. It was something of a cheap shot. It was almost as if Kid Cudi was implying that Lupe was broke and needed the money.

This led to a moment on “Sway in the Morning,” the hip hop morning show, where Lupe mentioned Kid Cudi followed by some expletives. This Twitter beef that seemed almost comical now seems a tad bit serious. It is very bizarre because these two have been friends. They are both from Chicago, and neither one of them has been known for being a tough guy. Lupe has always painted himself as the anti-thug underdog in the rap game. Kid Cudi is something of a one-hit wonder that has roamed around the entertainment industry doing more singing than rapping. It’s a weak hip hop grievance.

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December 22 2014

LL Cool J Squashes Long Running Beef

Rap beefs are something that is more than common, and at least one major beef has led to the death of two stars; Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. After the death of Tupac and Biggie, many were terrified of rap beefs, but the next biggest rap beef had someone to interfere. Artist 50 Cent and Ja Rule were at such odds with each other, things became physical, and many felt that the two may end up the way of Tupac and Biggie. Louis Farrakhan had to intervene between the two, and both were interviewed by the leader, and eventually they stopped fighting.

Recently, LL Cool J has squashed the beef that had gone on for over 17 years with a former rapper named Canibus. They both went on stage and performed a song that started the entire beef entitled “4,3,2,1.” Not only did they perform the song, but they even hugged afterwards, squashing the beef once and for all. It goes to show, sometimes beefs are simply young hotheaded rappers who just need to grow up, in order to stop fighting with the other rappers. Now, if I could only get both of my dogs to quit fighting over Beneful and be a little more friendly!

There have been many rap beefs over the years, but many of them eventually get squashed.