September 28 2016

Brain Bonar And Patrick Ponstay’s Masterstroke At Escondido’s Bellamy’s

Most businesses in Escondido start with the first Name. However, that is not the case with Bellamy’s. It is the home of the country’s best cook and the Master Chef of France, Patrick Ponstay. Bellamy’s is one of the outstanding restaurants in Escondido. In San Diego, there are only two Master Chef of France. That includes Ponstay and Bernard Guilla of Marine Room.

Bellamy’s is the brainchild of Brian Bonar, a Scottish entrepreneur. Initially, it was Tango before Brian Bonar Renamed it. Bonar searched for the establishment’s staff from El Bizcocho, one of his favorite restaurants at Rancho Bernardo Inn. He acquired dining pros with decades of experience after El Biz announced a complete overhaul. Bellamy’s managed to land Trevar Da Costa and Mike Reidy.

With a Ranch at Bandy Canyon, Bonar aims to transform his restaurant mini empire into a four star space for hosting events. Additionally, there are plans for a signature restaurant on the 144 acre property. To accomplish that, he needs a marquee chef and he has got Ponstay. Bringing on board Ponstay raised the expectations.

Bellamy’s remains Tango in the inside with smooth-Jazz paintings, plush seats, and Coppertone-brown walls. The appearance is more of a model-home chic. Additionally, there is nothing that matches the expectations of such a restaurant like its food.

First there is a corn soup, which is given a Basque treatment of espelette peppers and blended with cream. It is served cold over a scallop ceviche with lime juice, ginger, olive oil, and cilantro. With a perfectly shave summer truffle and poached salmon, the parsley cream risotto is brilliant.

Bellam’s mille-feuille is unique. Ponstay tops it with bruleed apple slices on layers of smoked liver confit and eel in pork fat. Additionally, a well arranged beet salad comes with golden as well as red bulbs over pistachios, porcini mushroom powder, and cocoa nibs. Beets require sugar and most chefs achieve that with candied nuts. However, Ponstay’s way is different.

Bonar prefers a deep-red beet ice cream that he contrasts with a warm goat cheese tart. Each meal offered at Bellamy’s is exceptional. The way it is served is also excellent. Kyle explains each meal intricately with great detail. The staff at the restaurant is second to none. It is the best a client can ever come across.

 About Brian Bonar

As a art of Dalrada’s Board of Directors, Brain Bonar serves as the chairman of Trucept, Inc. He is the proprietor of Bellamy’s. Bonar has had a successful career as a finance executive. He has led many companies, which gives him a great business leadership history. The firms that he has headed include Dalrada Financial Corporation, IBM, Bezier Systems, QMS, and Adaptec.

Additionally, Brian Bonar has a rich technical background that he uses in his business approach. He holds a Technical Engineering degree from James Watt College and a Mechanical Engineering masters degree from Stafford University.