November 16 2016

Kevin Seawright, Helping Communities Achieve the American Dream

Kevin Seawright just made a big announcement on a local talk show earlier this week. His company RPS Solutions LLC has set about a new goal of renovating and building affordable houses in the Baltimore area. While the company hasn’t been around very long, it hopes to help first time home buyers find a home they can be proud of living in and build a life. Kevin is passionate about home-ownership and wants to make sure that everyone is able to have a shot at the American dream in Baltimore.

His company gives people a way for individuals to invest in the their community itself, building a better economic foundation and hopefully improving the lives of everyone in the neighborhood.

Kevin has been in the business of improving communities for over 13 years, and has had great success in that time. He has helped cities improve their infrastructure by creating new systems for accounting, help bring businesses into communities to boost the economy and overall quality of life, and of course help first time home buyers get the house of their dreams at a fair price.

Kevin Seawright may be a business man, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t participate in the communities he is helping. He has coached youth sports teams, been on the board for the Babe Ruth Museum, and has also been on boards that deal with the advancement of black executives in the business world, and runs a popular SoundCloud account.

Kevin Seawright truly cares about making communities better, both by improving their economy, and by devoting his free time to make a difference in individuals lives. While he may be a shrewd business man, there is no doubt that when he is cutting deals and making changes, the thing he is focused on the most isn’t his wallet, but the communities that are trying to achieve the American dream.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @KevinSeawright2.