August 29 2017

Why ClassDojo Has Become A Popular Classroom Smartphone App

ClassDojo is a smartphone app which allows an easy way for parents, teachers, and students to communicate with one another. Teachers can keep parents apprised of their student’s performance as well as what they are doing each day in class. It is now used in classrooms across both the United States and internationally.

In the app the student is given an avatar which looks like a googly-eyed monster. The app has a number of ways for the child to customize their avatar into one that is personalized for them. In the app they can also earn dojo points by performing well in class in a variety of ways such as academically as well as social development and general conduct.

One of the reasons that ClassDojo has become popular with teachers is that it saves them time. Rather than using the old-fashioned method of putting check marks on a board to keep students they can instead simply record it through the app. The app enables them to write text as well as take pictures and video to record the students work and conduct. They can use their phone right where they’re at instead of having to go to the classroom in order to check a mark.

One of the other big advantages of ClassDojo is that it makes it simple to share data. The app can automatically capture student behavior in the classroom which the teacher can then forward to parents via email. The reports created in this way can be managed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Parents love ClassDojo because it keeps them in the know about what is going on in class much better than parent-teacher conferences can do. This can help parents guide their student’s behavior at home if they know there are issues going on at school while they are happening.

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October 20 2016

Handy Cleaning Service Can Handle Any Office Cleaning Job

Having a clean office is important to motivate your staff and to ensure that clients will want to do business with you. In addition, you make your staff members feel special and feel valued when they come in every week to a pristine personal space.

Even if you don’t have the newest furniture in your office or the most attractive décor; having immaculately clean furniture, walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, private offices, conference rooms, storage closets and other common areas can make working a joy.

According to, many office managers and small business owners make the mistake of asking staff to sweep up, do quick wipe downs or moppings. However, professional cleaners use industrial grade equipment that cleans better. They also bring with them years of expertise on how to take care of tough stains and cleaning problems.

Yes, your average hourly staff worker, hired to be a customer service agent, administrative worker, sales clerk or server will do what’s expected of him or her. However, if they aren’t professional cleaners, they’ll never do it as well as it could be done.

In addition, every office and workplace is different. Working with a professional company will allow you and your cleaner to come up with a customized plan and schedule to meet your specific needs efficiently and thoroughly.

There’s a new mobile-based cleaning service called Handy that blows most professional cleaning companies away when it comes to convenience and pricing. Simply download the mobile app and order:

  • Office cleaning,
  • Furniture shopping, delivery or assembly,
  • Handyman and maintenance work, or
  • Plumbing work

Instead of going through a long, drawn out quotes process and possibly having to sign a contract with a company you find you’re unsatisfied with, pay as you go with Handy and work with professional cleaners every time!



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February 1 2016

Securus Gives Back In a Big Way

Securus Technologies is the leading problem solver over of the criminal justice system in many prisons around Texas and other regions of the states. Securus has been of great help since it was founded in the year 1986 in Dallas, Texas. It has streamlined all the crooked ways of many prisons and also has made easy the lives of many prisoners through initiating programs like self-service inside the prisons. The technological advancement of Securus has made it easier for many prison agencies especially in handling criminals who are staying there for long terms.

Securus has also been conducting donation campaigns, a campaign known as United Way campaign that has been focusing on making more donations and contribution to curbing poverty in many communities and making the life conducive in many of those communities. The donations target improved health services, good nutrition, and wellbeing and also education. Securus understand that givers receive more, but their most important aspect is security. To my understanding criminal cases are high in poverty stricken areas and by its united way campaign Securus is lowering the rates of poverty in the communities and increasing their rate of safety.

A new communication program known as Video visitation has been initiated in Securus for inmate communication of criminals from correction agencies to their families. Securus continue to enhance the connection of the prisoners with their family. The requirements are you the relative of the inmate, friend or colleague to sign up at Securus website. The application is available in the Google play store for installation to the device to be used in communication. Video Visitation will allow families to speak more with their relatives in prison than the face to face visits. It will also increase the safety of many prisoners. There is no point that you will get locked down completely as you will have chances to reschedule the video chat. It is also less expensive.

More to the technology at Securus an inmate phone calls systems for prisoner which are a great connection to them. The system known as AdvanceConnect allows people to speak with the prisoners regularly by only making an advance payment of about 25 dollars which is rechargeable after it gets over. Advance Connect puts you in control of your spending, and you can also receive calls from the correction agency where your relative is in. Calls will not only connect to your personal mobile but also to your office phone and even the house telephone.

AdvanceConnect as a strategy will even protect inmates from the crooked ones who get drugs and other harmful substances into the corrections through allegedly close alliances.

October 13 2015

Dating in Russia Made Easy

There are many ways you can date online and off. You may be unsure of what you need to look for with your dating. The good thing is that it’s not hard to find what you want if you are willing to look for it.

What to Look For

There are several things you will need to look for when you are looking at dating. If you are dating online, then you will need to look for a website that is going to be the best for you. Anastasia Date is a great place to start and a great place to find someone that will help you find the one you love. They offer plans that will help you to narrow down the options so you can get someone that is the best match for you.

Another thing to look for is where you may want to meet your next date. This way you will know you’re safe when on a date with someone you may not know. If you already have a place figured out then it will be easier to plan out when you finally go on that date. The date can be simple, but by planning it beforehand, you will make sure you are safe when you finally do meet in person.

How It Works

If you are looking online, then you may not be able to meet them upfront. You may only be able to talk through email or through the phone before you travel that far. When you are talking to someone new, you may want to find a way to let them know who you are. This is where taking time to really see who you’re dealing with comes in handy.

There are a lot of things to look for when looking at dating in Russia. Getting a date online isn’t as hard as you may think it’s going to be. You may need to learn about the people you are looking at dating so you can figure out what you need. Take your time and find the best date for you.

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August 10 2015

Huge Savings Reaped with FreedomPop

I have never really been one to grip about phone bills. I recognize the convenience that I get from having a cell phone for mobile needs. I love to play games, check out new apps and communicate with friends. I don’t even know what I would do without my apps. I guess I would have to say that I had just gotten used to the high prices that I was paying for a cell phone and the services. It was convenient, and I simply saw this as paying for convenience. It has only been in recent months that I discovered just how valuable free cell phone service is thanks to FreedomPop. This is a major movement in cell phone service that has totally revolutionized the game.

FreedomPop has been become one of the most valuable things to me because it has allowed me to save money. I have put forth some research into the company, and I know that there are a lot of people that are thrilled with the service. I can get free Internet services for the home as well. This is something that you just cannot beat. I know that there are millions of people that are skeptical about free service, but I thought that I would give it a try. I wasn’t sure if it was available in my area, but I checked the FreedomPop website. They sent me an email confirming that it was available for my area, and I was able to sign up right away.

There is something about the quality of service that hooked me. The representatives are nice, and I haven’t had any problems so far. All of the instructions are fairly simple so I have not had any problems using this service. It has become a real money saver for me because I have had the ability to really benefit from the savings. Turnings off my old cell phone and picking up service with FreedomPop may be the best thing that I could have ever done. I had no idea that this would work so well for me. I have valued the service, and everyone that I have told about it has loved it.

This is the great thing about FreedomPop. It enhances lives because most of my friends were paying thousands of dollars annually for service. Having the ability to save this type of money can change your life.

August 10 2015

Skout Travel Is A Lot Of Fun For Those Who Don’t Mind A Virtual Journey

Many people have had it in mind to travel to one destination or another, but money may be an issue. Think about going to a beautiful place like Brazil, which has many tropical destinations that are one-of-a-kind. Rio de Janeiro is not the only beautiful place in Brazil, but it’s a very popular location. It’s unbelievable, but it’s possible to travel to Rio without having to pay a lot of money to do so. Skout Travel was created in order to accommodate those who like to travel across the globe, but they can’t afford what it would cost to do so.

The Skout Travel feature is only available on the Skout network or through the Skout application. The feature allows a person to virtually travel anywhere that Skout Travel is available. There are tons of destinations available on Skout Travel, and a person can go to many different countries. Without packing their bags, a person can travel all the way to the UK, and they can see what the country has to offer. Anyone who is interested in seeing Africa can do so, but they’ll see the continent without the hot sun beating down on them.

Although it would be nice to travel directly to Australia, why not virtually travel there, and get to know what Sidney, Australia looks like? Even Beijing, China is not off limits, and one can virtually travel there, and they don’t even have to know the local language. Skout Travel is not only a great feature, but it also can help people to learn more about other countries as well as cultures. The pictures that are available on the feature can help a person to learn more about their journey as well as learning where the hotspots are. Skout Travel even allows a person to talk to someone who lives in the area they are traveling to.

If someone is open-minded they’ll want to meet a friend in Sydney, Australia when they virtually travel, then they can chat with someone there, and maybe they’ll meet that friend in person one day. The Skout Travel feature has added a lot of value to the Skout network, and it’s one of the highest rated features on the network. Not only can a person virtually travel to different destinations, but they can learn about destinations that they may want to travel to in person.

It’s not unusual for a person to virtually travel on the Skout network, and then they’ll buy a ticket to go to the same location they travelled to. Skout Travel is very reasonable because it only costs 25 Skout points to virtually travel anywhere. No matter what location a person chooses to travel to, 25 Skout points will get them there. It’s possible for the person to learn a lot about different countries, and they can share the information with others who may be interested in traveling there too. Skout Travel is a fun feature that the Skout network offers, and everyone should try it out.

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