August 26 2015

Animal Rights Law Popular At New York University

Animal rights is no longer a fringe movement. Gone are the days when lone activists had to behave in secrecy and fear for their safety. Pioneers in the field, such as Keith Mann, have inspired a generation of activists. This has led to the formation of large, legal animal rights organizations that are looking to challenge the treatment of animals.

As a result of this, many law schools are teaching courses in animal rights. The factory farms, corporations that test on animals, and others are still fighting against change. The courts often fine and imprison animal rights protesters. However, there are lawyers who are standing up to this. One such person is David Wolfson. He has wrote extensively on many different animal rights organizations, as well as covered lawsuits of factory farms and other agribusinesses that are breaking laws by abusing animals. He teaches at NYU law school.

In the past, members of groups such as Animal Liberation Front, were prosecuted and given draconian sentences. Activists such as Keith Mann, who freed animals from testing laboratories, were tried by judges who threw the book at them for minor acts of protest. Meanwhile, the illegal and immoral treatment of animals went on. Now, a new generation of lawyers is being trained on how to defend animal activists.

The radical acts that people like Keith Mann undertook in England years ago have had worldwide repercussions. People are no longer ignorant about the torture of animals at the hands of heartless corporations. Everyday people are waking up to the injustice and are taking action. While some people are actively engaged in animal rights protests, others are busy studying animal rights law so that they can take part in the trial. It is no longer the case that one has to engage in risky behavior in order to protest the treatment of animals. There are now legal avenues to pursue, including becoming a lawyer in order to sue companies that mistreat animals.