June 1 2016

Keeping Squaw Valley Alive with Andy Wirth

Keeping tourism flowing throughout the year can be challenging in the ski industry. Fortunately, Andy Wirth knows who to ask to keep Squaw Valley thriving during the off-season. Turning to his local community, Wirth and his neighbors outlined a plan that keeps businesses open even when the snow isn’t falling.

Welcome to Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Squaw Valley has held a vital place in the history of American skiing. It was host to the 1960 Winter Olympics, and has grown to become the second largest ski area in the Lake Tahoe area. Andy Wirth took the helm in 2010, and has since guided the company through several improvements. Learn more about Andy Wirth: www.kcrw.com/people/andy-wirth

Andy Wirth’s Plan of Action

Knowing how vital Squaw Valley is to the community, Wirth included their input and consideration in his plans for its future plans. He published the results of his meetings with the public and with the Placer Counter Board of Supervisors in the Auburn Journal. Wirth’s op-ed outlines that preservation is what Squaw Valley needs.

Cultivating Sustainable and Thoughtful Development

After listening to locals, plans for Squaw Valley’s expansion were drastically reduced. However, that has not stopped Wirth from moving in a new direction. Read more: Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist and Another View: Community input shaping Squaw Valley’s future

The new plan focuses on environmental stewardship, preserving Squaw Valley’s Olympic history, and benefiting the overall community. As Squaw Valley prospers, so does its surrounding year-round residents.

For tourists and athletes, Squaw Valley’s improvement initiative includes training facilities that offer several new activities such as new and improved trails, mountain biking, zip-lining, and ski instruction. Learn more about Andy Wirth: tahoetopia.com/news/interview-squaw-valley-ceo-andy-wirth and http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/news/articles/2014/09/andy-wirth-squaw-valley.aspx

Environmental impact is reduced, as 90% if new construction will be built on already-existing asphalt. Finally, to keep Squaw Valley beautiful, tall structures have been reduced or eliminated to retain gorgeous mountain views.

Who is Andy Wirth?

Andy Wirth is no stranger to the resort and hospitality industry, having been a champion in this industry for over twenty-five years. Wirth brought Squaw Valley from under the shadow of the bottom 20% of ski resorts to the top 20% with the year of his ascension to CEO with a $70 million upgrade.