December 23 2014

The Year In Song: The Hottest Beats Of 2014

Diversity was the name of the game when it came to the hottest tracks of 2014. There was literally something for everybody this year, whether you preferred to be “Drunk in Love” with Beyonce, or if you’d rather, “Shake It Off” with Taylor Swift. Whatever your cup of tea, there was bound to be at least one song that became your anthem for the year.

Together, Rolling Stone magazine and compiled a great list of the 50 best songs of 2014, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I agreed with their sentiments. The songs included in the list were all extremely catchy, and provided just the right amount of bass to make you get up and dance.

Moving into 2015, I hope to see more of my favorites cranking out the jams that make my days much more fun. Here’s to a great new year that is full of wonderful music and lots of good times

December 19 2014

Chris Brown & Tyga Release New Single

As promised, Chris Brown and Tyga have released the single from the new upcoming album “Fan Of A Fan 2.” The duo had joined together years ago to create “Fan Of A Fan,” and the album was a big success. Chris & Tyga. They had hinted that they were going to come out with a part two of the album, and they have recently released a single off the new upcoming album entitled “Ayo.” Perhaps the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Partners and those who are fans of the song entitled “Loyal,” are really going to like this one.

Anyone who is a fan of Chris Brown, or Tyga, like the music that they make because they make quite a musical pair. The single was released earlier than expected, and many fans who had anticipated the single aren’t complaining. With Christmas being less than a week away, this is a rare treat from the duo. Both Chris and Tyga are still working on the album, with no release date in sight yet.

The pair hope to have the album released in 2015, but until a date is set, this is not a guarantee. Currently, both artists are having their own problems. Tyga is in a battle with his record label over several issues. Lil’ Wayne, who is also signed to the same record label is Tyga, has also voiced his concern with the label. Chris Brown is having relationship issues, and has vented his rage through social media.

November 24 2014

Iggy Azalea Wins First Ever Music Awards at AMAs 2014

Australian rap artist Iggy Azalea won her first ever music awards at the American Music Awards last night, and she was absolutely delighted.

Taking the stage to accept her first award of the evening, Azalea told the screaming audience this was the first time she had ever received an award for anything in her life. 

She then went on to say she was so happy it was for Best Hip Hop Album, as hip hop was the music that had gotten her through her difficult teenage years, and had made her decide to move to America to pursue a career in the music industry.

She first took to Instagram to warn overly zealous fans not to appear on the doorstep of her new house after several made just such an attempt, as they would be arrested, and then to take to Twitter to call out Eminem for saying he wanted to rape her in rap lyrics he wrote.

Eminem, who was also up against Iggy in the categories she won, has a reputation for not being particularly nice to women singers, but Azalea was having none of it. She called him out on Twitter, saying she was tired of old men threatening young girls.

But her fans have apparently stuck by her even through all of the negative attention she’s gotten this past week. Dave and Brit Morin speculate that it is wonderful that Azalea has managed to stay strong and listen to the millions that love her instead of the handful that don’t.