June 28 2017

The Undoubted Growth of Eucatex Manifests the Leadership Capability That is in Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a renowned Brazilian businessman. He boasts of a rich legacy that he has built throughout his career life. Flavio is well known for giving insights on diverse business issues to the people. His background training gave him a good start for his career. He attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in Sao Paulo, completing a course in mechanical engineering. He then moved to the New York University where he studied a business administration course.


Career Journey


Flavio Maluf started working at Eucatex in 1987 working in the trade division. Shortly after, he moved to the industrial department of the firm until 1996. He was appointed to the position of the President in 1997. He serves in this senior position up to date. Under his watch, Flavio has helped the company to invent and bring to the market new products. He adopted a hands-on approach to the management of the firm. He engages other minds in decision making and is always present to guide his team. He is very keen to spot new opportunities in the market. In 2010, Flavio led the company in launching a new factory in Salto City. He is dedicated to driving the organization forward and works relentlessly towards this goal with each passing day. As the head of the company, he has often been at the forefront in leading the company in giving back to the society. He actively participated in charity events around the communities. He also offers help as a volunteer. Recently, he led a partnership between Eucatex and the Hospital and Maternidade Idio Carli to donate doors and plates.


About Eucatex


The Eucatex Group has been excelling in the production of high-quality and affordable construction products since 1951. The company spotted an unutilized market in the use of Eucalyptus to create plates and panels. It was the pioneer company in the use of raw materials to produce eco-friendly products in Brazil. The company’s first factory was launched in 1954 in Salto, Sao Paulo. The company expanded its production to include acoustic linings, soft sheets, as well as insulation and acoustic sheets. It has since become one of the most sought after supplier of these products to the furniture making and construction industries. Today, Eucatex has a second factory in Salto and another one in Botucatu https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3