January 6 2018

Adam Milstein’s Philanthropic and Activist Work

Adam Milstein works at the Hager Pacific Properties where he is a managing partner. Born in 1952 in Haifa Israel, Adam is a successful estate investor who has taken a keen interest in philanthropic work to help the Jewish community. In 2000, Adam Milstein together with his wife Gila founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation with the principal aim of strengthening the ties between the USA and the State of Israel. The organisation’s primary objective is to ensure that the Jewish identity and values are protected for the future Jewish generations through training and educating young people and professionals the importance of identifying with their Jewish roots to ignite the Jewish pride in them.

Adam Milstein is educated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in the same from the University of Southern California. He started his career as a real estate agent immediately after school where he was working with his father. Milstein was recently named the Chairperson of the fastest growing Jewish organisation in the United States of America, the Israeli-American Council which he co-founded.

Inn 2015 Milstein together with Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson prearranged the introductory Campus Maccabees Summit, an event that brought together over 50organizatios and group. This function was organised to yoke the full power of the pro-Israel community to conquer hate groups distributing anti-Semitism and dishonest things about the Jewish community on America’s colleges and universities.

Adam Milstein recently came up with a podcast presenting and featuring discussions with world leaders, elected officials, activists, policymakers and artists who are at the frontline of crucial issues for the Israeli-American, pro-Israel and Jewish-American communities. Due to his efforts in protecting the Jewish community, Adam was among the top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life. He is also among the 25 topmost activists on Twitter.

Adam Milstein has been on the front of battlefields especially as a recruit into the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971. He fought on the Egyptian front under the guidance of General Ariel Sharon. He was also a participant in the crossing of the Suez Canal and the encirclement of the Egyptian Third Army.

September 10 2017

Philanthropist Adam Milstein with money making memes

Philanthropy and business acumen has considerably contributed to the reputation of Adam Milstein. His role as manager at Hager Pacific Properties has significantly enabled the firm acquire a lot of property and increase its profit levels. His generosity, kindness, and mentorship to the Jewish community have however carved a bigger name for him than the real estate’s business. Adam Milstein uses his wealth to lead young Jewish students into preserving their rich culture. His wife complements his philanthropic deeds under the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which mentors young Jews and cements their bond with their heritage Israel.

His quest for the good and peaceful relationship between the USA and his country made him form the Israeli-American Council and tirelessly worked to ensure its steady growth. His voice through this council has been loud and has helped him achieve influence in the policies that America formulates about Israel. It is a sagacious belief that no teacher is greater than experience, Adam Milstein was once an immigrant, and this puts him at the best point to advocate for their rights. He has used the might of the pen to achieve his goal of advocating for the rights of the Jews all over the globe. Adam Milstein has authored several publications that promote the literacy of the Jews. He sees their literacy as the primary tool that will help them maintain their roots.

To show support for Israel, Adam Milstein organized a meme competition with a view of showing the lighter side of Pro activism in Israel and love for the country. Participants are allowed a maximum of five meme entries into this competition and are subjected to two stages of judging by the public and the panel. The entries may be in the form of videos, hash tags and macro images which must be unique, original and of Israelites culture. People are supposed to judge the submissions by posting comments conveying their reactions such as ‘awesome.’ The last judging spree will be done by the panelists. The competition will reward seventeen participants who will have portrayed humor and love for Israel with a total of two thousand dollars and to know more