September 27 2017

Bob Reina, From Police Officer To Video Email Entrepreneur

Creating a video communications platform came to Talk Fusion’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bob Reina through frustration. He was in the middle of touring a North Carolina property and wanted to share the moment with his family. His efforts were rebuffed by the America Online technical capability. Immediately Reina sprung into action, telephoning a buddy with an IT background for help. As they often say, “the rest is history,” because a company was born.


Talk Fusion is the first of its kind video email platform, but there’s a unique twist to its development and distribution. Talk Fusion is built around a network marketing concept of sharing with others. Those others happen to be close friends and family members, what’s deemed as, “warm contacts.” People that you know well enough to talk daily privately. Bob Reina felt that it was the only way to go after experiencing his own rocky ride with various network marketing companies. He loved the control, but was disappointed with his MLM failures. Those failures lead to Talk Fusion becoming a direct selling network.


Not being able to send a video clip back home prompted Bob Reina to start his own business. The friend he contacted, Dr. Jonathan Chen helped him make it a viable product. The company now markets other video products, including a video chat, video newsletters and live meetings. Bob Reina feels that he’s not just offering a product, he’s changing lives.


Bob Reina travels promoting Talk Fusion all around the world, and helping associates build their businesses. He and Chen are in development to create Talk Fusion University, a video school designed to help build stronger entrepreneurial skills. In 2011, Talk Fusion had an estimated annual revenue of $100 million. Reina was a police officer, on the verge of career burnout when he first tried network marketing. His failures in the industry drove him to find a company that did what it promised ( In the beginning, Bob had some concerns about leaving a steady paycheck behind for the unknown. But his doubts were quickly quieted by his success.


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