July 9 2017

An Eye Opener on Equity First Holdings

The Equity First Holdings is a company that offers loans to help people start businesses. It has recently opened offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth in Australia. This has made it easy for clients to access the company. Due to the drastic change in growth of Equity First Holdings, the company has opted to settle in Melbourne since it can support the entire workforce around the company. Mitchell Hopwood is the Managing Director of the company.

Customers applying for the loans are not tied to starting a business as the loans can be used for any other purpose. Before the organizations opened new offices in Australia, it had other offices in The United Kingdom, Singapore, and Thailand. Their main offices are located in Indiana, United States of America.

In the financial sector, Equity First Holdings has been involved in the provision of capital for businesses. It has mainly majored in helping clients meet their needs by funding them in opposition to stock traded to the public. This company has come to the rescue of those who have ideas but no capital to fund them. It gives huge amounts of loans at very low interest so as to make it available and accessible to all and sundry.

Equity First Holdings offers a fast and highly recommended source of capital to entrepreneurs. After raising profits in their lending practices, the company invests in other research and development projects. Just like the other offices, the Hong Kong branch strictly follows the legal mandate in lending. This is because they hold a valid license from the magistrate’s courts.

The company advises in choosing the right partners when applying for a loan. This is because partners who are unreliable and not focused will never help you achieve your goals. Recently, the company has partnered with the Meridian Equity Partners based in London to enhance services provided by the company.


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