November 26 2017

Supporting the Dallas Women’s Foundation to Boost Women’s Economic Leadership and Security

NexBank is arguably one of the leading regional banks located in Dallas. It recently unveiled itself as a sponsor of the 32nd Annual Luncheon of the Dallas Women’s Foundation. NexBank aimed to show support to the foundation in promoting women’s economic leadership and security by awarding it $100,000.

The 32nd Annual Luncheon was planned to take place on October 20, 2017, in Dallas at the Hilton Anatole Hotel. The keynote address for the event was set to be delivered by Dr. Hope Jahren, a best-selling author, and an award-winning scientist. Dr. Hope is also well-known for being among TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People. Additionally, the Keynote address was scheduled to be livestreamed to over 10,000 students and 20 schools all over North Texas.

Dallas Women’s Foundation

The Dallas Women’s Foundation prides itself on being the largest regional women’s fund and a reliable leader in championing positive economic and social change for both girls and women in the world. The foundation hosts its luncheons on a yearly basis, which host over 1300 community, civic and business leaders.

An In-depth Focus on NexBank

NexBank is a regional financial services company based in Dallas, Texas. It operates and provides services to its wide array of clients through its three key businesses including institutional services, commercial banking and mortgage banking. Through such businesses, NexBank meets the financial and banking requirements of middle-market companies, large corporations, and real estate investors. As of September 30, 2017, NexBank recorded a whopping $7.6 billion in assets. This figure shows the increasing dominance of the company in the financial services segment.

Over the years, NexBank has made a name for itself through providing services for people with assets not only in traditional but also in non-traditional investments. The company also takes great pride in its employees and executive team, as they are instrumental in securing excellent results. In fact, their collective capabilities or talents exude innovation, initiative, insight, and a commitment to assist NexBank’s clientele to attain their desired financial goals. Furthermore, NexBank has created a successful track record by providing customers with unparalleled access to custom-tailored and advanced services that are provided by experienced professionals.

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November 25 2017

Organize your day with Organo Gold

It’s not exactly a secret that there are a lot of people that drink coffee. In one study, more than half of Americans said they drank at least one cup a day. However you may be surprised in reasonable amounts, the caffeinated beverage can offer some benefits to your health. Did you know in the West it is the main source of people’s antioxidants? You can get a good source of several B vitamins as well as Potassium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus all just from drinking coffee. There are studies that show the drink can help prevent certain cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes, liver disease, heart disease and stroke, as well as helping to boost your metabolism and memory. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

Meet Bernardo Chua, CEO and Founder of Organo Gold. Organo Gold provides a variety of products including nutritional supplements, personal care products such as their G3 Beauty Soap and Organo Smile Toothpaste, and of course their own line of coffee and tea, which is where it all began. Organo Gold products feature a mushroom called Ganoderma Lucidum, which is said to boost the immune system as well as having antioxidants and being antibacterial, among other things. Organo Gold is also available at

Since starting in 2008, they have expanded their operations to over 50 countries, all while not selling their products in a retail environment or any coffee shops. Organo Gold instead sells to distributors who then sell products to customers. It seems to be working, their profits are in the millions annually. They have given back greatly to the community and charity as well. If you enjoy a good cup of coffee and you want to try something new, consider trying one of Organo Gold’s premium blends. You can do this as a Preferred Customer, through the Coffee Connoisseur Club, or by becoming an independent distributor.


November 23 2017

The Entrepreneur David Giertz

David Giertz suggests that some millennials are preparing financially for retirement while at 22 years old. David further suggests that majority of them are misinformed on different ways on which they can save the money to be used for retirement.Giertz has outlined different ways of which millennials can save their money and make a difference with the saved money.

David encourages individuals to assess their health status financially. This is a vital process because an individual is able to monitor the amount that he is saving at the same time while caring for important aspects.Giertz advises individuals who have debts to pay them off immediately before approaching the retirement age. The debts he is advocating for including car,college and some other formsof debts.

Giertz also advises individuals to take advantage of the compound interest they are offered. The financial advisor enlightens individuals that before making any deposits, their money is usually taxed. Once an individual has retired, one can access the money very well. The mogul advises individuals to start saving early to generate more compound interest. David encourages the individuals to keep adding their money at every point of their lives.

David Giertz offers very crucial advice on individuals having side hustles. The financial advisor states that the money acquired would be enough for retirement. The side hustle can be in form of activities including an individual’s hobbies or a business that is of benefit to the individual. David further adds that money obtained from leisure activities is the best investment an individual can make.

David Gietz is an experienced financial writer with over 30 years in the financial industry. The financial advisor has been steadfast in building growth that is of benefit to him. David has employed different conversations and strategies in conducting his daily activities.Gietz has done numerous innovations that have profitable to his career.

Giertz has been the president for an organization dealing in the distribution and financial sales that are conducted nationwide. David has offered astounding profitable results with company shooting from 11billion dollars to 17.8 billion dollars.The mogul has successfully led plans to distribute retirement benefits to individuals and their life insurances. This included individuals in the private sectors.

November 22 2017

Eli Gershkovich: Pilot, Lawyer, Beer Craftsman

In the modern age, micro-breweries are become common. This is something Eli Gershkovich knows about. Mass market beer companies are slowly facing some demise because of the success of micro-breweries such as Devil’s Backbone and Hardywood. By 2020, 20% of beer sales will be from the micro-breweries. There such thing as beer diversity in the 21st century featured in the U.S. Open Beer Championship. Canadian beers won 24 medals, and 20 of those went to Ontorio. There are other beer categories such as brown ale, foreign stout, oatmeal stout, old ale, and German Kolsch. Eli Gershkovish is the CEO of Steamworks, having an unconventional business personality unlike his haughtier counterparts at Fortune 500 companies. Read more about his craft beers at The Bro Talk.

Steamworks was founded in 1995 as a small pub in Gastown, Vancouver. Eli Gershkovich decided to expand his pub to keep up with other examples of expansion around him or to “expand to meet demand.” In 1995, the pub had 184 seats, but in 2017, it has 754 seats. Eli Gershkovich is a sole proprietor and in 2009 Gershkovich flew a single engine Cessna 182 from Vancouver to Europe. Gastown is a unique, historical neighborhood in Vancouver where Eli Gershkovich’s pub is located, as his motto is “You grow to meet demand, or demand will shrink to meet you.”


Gershkovich has a law degree in addition to flying small planes. He learned beer in 1987 while on a post-school trip to Europe. As a lawyer, he was getting liquor licenses for his clients. Steamworks started out with only six craft beers in its first year. Pilsner and pale ale were made available in 85 government liquor stores. His clients include people in Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, and Switzerland, with products sold in 14 U.S. States. In the present, craft beers have become more popular than store bought beers. Eli Gershkovich liked the idea of manufacturing a product and selling it directly to customers who want uniquely flavored beers. He started off with a business partner but maintains his business as a sole proprietorship. Eli Gershkovich is considered a “jack of all trades,” master of some by the beer brewing community. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at

November 20 2017

How Jason Hope is Embracing the Future of Technology.

Jason Hope is an Arizona State University graduate who has been active in the technology industry for years. s an entrepreneur in the tech business, and a devout futurist, Hope has focused his entire career on staying ahead of his competition by diagnosing trending tech and getting in front of these innovations. Hope has recently been becoming a champion for a concept known as the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things isn’t something that Hope had invented, more it is a term used the world over to describe how the internet is automating the very life that we live. Jason Hope is pushing all of his chips to the center of the table and he believes that every savvy investor will do the same. Let’s learn about the Internet of Things and see where it will take us, and more information click here.

To say that adults in 2017 have been living through a revolutionary time period would be to put it lightly. The internet and all of the burgeoning smart technology with it have done a number to the very way that we live our lives. Look at what Google is doing in their efforts to create an automated vehicle! Smart technology has shifted the way that we live our lives and Hope was on-point enough to realize this. With that acknowledgement, Hope started to embrace how the world would really lean into smart tech over the next decade.. Hope believes that we are standing at the entrance way to an entirely new way of living and that the Internet of Things will help usher it in, and

While the Internet of Things can sound nebulous and groundless you need only head to your local entertainment/electronics store to see the real world impact that the IoT is bring on. The IoT is all about interfacing the internet with objects that you’ll be using in your daily life. By doing this you are seeing your way of living become more and more efficient and easier. Eventually, Hope believes, this will become the standard way of living all around the world. We can already see how the Internet of Things is changing the athletics industry. We can even see the IoT impacting the airline industry!

As a futurist it is Jason Hope’s job to keep his eyes on the direction and trends of the technological world. So far he has been on point so perhaps it is time to take the Internet of Things more serious.

November 20 2017

The Iconic Feature behind Securus Technologies-Rick Smith

Securus Technologies has been in the lead for years. This is because of their ability in the provision of high technology. No other technology has been able to second the quality of Securus Technologies.

The company concentrates with public and private safety. Their gadgets are of high quality, and no other designer can crack it apart from the provider. Due to their high reliability, they are used in various fields.

Their CEO, Rick Smith has helped the company make major steps. He assumed office in 2008.The board of directors must have thought critically about the issue before appointing Rick Smith. He has numerous skills and abilities that make him the most suitable for the position.

Rick Smith has an affluent academic background. He schooled in very prominent schools. Smith has a bachelor degree in Engineering and a master’s degree. He also has a master’s degree in mathematics. Rick Smith is also an MBA holder. Every CEO needs to have academic skills. This knowledge is what aids the CEO in understanding the basics of business. It helps in interpreting the trends in a company and the financial records as well.

Apart from the rich background, the CEO has many years of experience. He has had a chance to work in various departments. This was an eye-opener of what goes on in all units. He also got to know the level of contribution that every department makes to mount success.

Before joining the Securus Technologies, he was working with Eschelon-Telkom as their CEO. In the years that he worked here, the company went through a complete transformation. Smith raised the revenue of the company to $350 million to $30 million. He also raised the revenue of EBITDA $80million.

These qualities and a clean criminal track record are what led to his appointment as CEO. Under his leadership, the Securus gadgets have been able to solve many cases. The CIDs say that their devices have been helpful in finding the missing information. This is because unlike other gadgets their devices cannot be manipulated.

Rick Smith has also improved the lives of the inmates. This is by ensuring that no bullying and killings take place in the inmate’s cells. The Securus Technology has provided the correctional facilities with devices that monitor the inmates’ cells from their offices.

With Rick Smith, Securus Technologies has helped to link the inmates to the outside world. This is through the provision of embedded emails where they can sign up and receive pictures of what is happening. This has helped reduce anxiety problems after being released.

Rick Smith is a futurist and hopes that they will be able to provide all the correctional services in the state with their technology.

November 18 2017

Highland and Harvest partner to win MFEA Award

Highland Capital Management was one of the companies that received awards at the Mutual Fund Education Alliance (MFEA) STAR Awards.

Highland Capital Management is one of the companies that is part of Harvest, an investor network that has 230,000 users every months. Harvest congratulated Highland as well as other clients and contributors that has received honors at the MFEA STAR Awards.

The MFEA awards ceremony had been held in Chicago in late October of 20017. The MFEA is an American trade association that has the goal of making sure that the investment management industry is served in the best, possible way. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Highland Capital Management won the best Educational Communications campaign award in the Adviser category This campaign was done in partnership with Harvest. Together, they made a new purpose so that contest could be driven to financial advisers who need the data to find new contests as well as help old clients. This content did help Highland to get a good return of investment that was just based on three pieces of content. Harvest has an artificial intelligent program that helped in this partnership with Highland to maximize the quality of the content.

Peter Hans, the CEO of Harvest, feels that Highland has believed in Harvest’s mission from Day One and has been shown to be a client-centric and forward-looking asset manager. Harvest is proud to be associated with Highland’s success. Read this article at PR Newswire.

Highland Capital has believed in Harvest’s mission from day one and has proven to be a client-centric and forward-thinking asset manager,” Peter Hans, CEO of Harvest. “We are proud to be part of this award and Highland’s success.

Highland Captial Managment is a company that is registered with the SEC in the United States and has at least 15.4 billion US dollar of assets under its control. The company was started by Mark Okada and James Dondero in 1993 and is considered to be one of the biggest and experienced global alternative credit managers. On a day-to-day, its focus is on credit strategies, private equities and loan obligations.



This award will further show that what Highland is currently doing is the most successful course.

November 13 2017

Drew Madden, the Healthcare IT Specialist

Drew Madden is an entrepreneur in healthcare IT who is enthusiastic about developing high-quality teams, exceptional and smart company culture, as well as trusted customer partnerships. Madden has dramatically transformed the daily routines of people, especially health specialists, through his extensive expertise in technology. The IT professional has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Lowa University. He specializes in Healthcare systems and has in the recent past assisted health organizations to successfully store their data and also manage patient’s information efficiently. Drew Madden began his career at Cerner Co corporations before moving to Nordic Consulting Partners. He worked in the Nordic company from 2011 to 2016 before creating his most recent Evergreen Company.

Madden was always enthusiastic about electronic medical records when he was working for the Nordic company, and he took up many partnerships with various prestigious firms, which contributed to the evolution of the company. Also, Madden saw the company escalate its total revenue at a significantly high speed while he was in the firm. Due to the resilient commitment of the prominent IT guru towards the growth of the company, he utilized distinctive strategies to set up the company and took a significant part in assisting it to deal with the challenges of EMR affecting it.

Madden’s exceptional skills in leadership also helped the firm gain a high reputation and attain a competitive advantage in the healthcare market. The company also outshined most prominent healthcare ventures in the market due to the hard work of its staff. Additionally, Drew Madden saw the firm receive honor from a significant number of individuals in addition to the receipt of a series of rewards. The company won the KLAS awards for the best firm in providing efficient implementation services and the most exceptional consulting excellence providers.

Drew Madden has not relented in executing his operations, and his latest Madden Company is performing well, and it’s one of the leading competitors of the Nordic Company. The company offers high-quality technology records solutions to numerous healthcare enterprises, and it has made the individual operations involved effortless. Drew aspires to establish the company in more countries in the future to make sure it drives more sales to increase its total income.

November 13 2017

Mike Baur Supports Young Technology Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur remains one of the most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs of his generation. He is not only a popular entrepreneurial figure in Switzerland but also a significant contributor to the global economy. Baur was born and raised in Freiburg from where he began his Banking career.


Mike Baur pursued his business degrees from the University of Rochester and Berne respectively. He holds an MBA degree from Rochester and executive MBA from Berne. He offered his services in the banking sector, serving in various capacities, for more than 20 years before eventually going into entrepreneurship. Mike, together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, co-founded Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. His hard work and innovative leadership earned him the position of deputy managing director in the partnership deal between Swiss Startup Factory and CTI Invest. Baur has since led his company into various partnership deals including that with Goldback group and Fintech Fusion in 2016.


Baur Thrives in Banking Sector


According to Wall Street Journal, a popular publication in the region, Mike Baur began his banking career at an early age of 16. He reportedly became a Union Bank of Switzerland’s apprentice in 1991. He displayed a unique ability at the onset of his career that prompted a hiring manager to outline the possible promotions Mike would likely receive before his retirement. The Union Bank of Switzerland’s HR expert saw a great potential in him that he predicted a brighter future in Mike’s UBS career.


The talented banker continued to serve UBS throughout 1990s. In the course of his service, Mike Baur was elevated to a senior advisory position at UBS while still below 30 years old. While working at the organization, he offered professional advice to some of the Swiss’ wealthiest investors and individuals. Mike made recognizable efforts and significant achievements during his time with Union Bank of Switzerland. In 2008, however, he decided to leave UBS and provide his services to Clariden Leu, another financial institution in the Zurich office.


Mike Baur Ditches Appealing Banking Career to Support Tech Startups


He served Clariden Leu for about 6 years before co-founding his organization in 2014. This is when he actually decided to put a break into his successful banking career in order to support young technology entrepreneurs. Baur partnered with two of his friends to launch an incubator program aimed at mentoring, training and supporting Swiss entrepreneurial startups. Other than providing funding to startups with potential for growth, the program reportedly gave free business offices as well as organized networking platforms for the beneficiaries.


Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory has continued to encourage its beneficiaries to participate in pitching contests. The contest, popularly known as START Summiteer, presents a platform for young entrepreneurs to sell their products, business models and strategies. The winners of the START Summiteer pitching contest stand a chance of getting significant investment opportunities. Baur was a jury member during the 2014 contest.


Mike established Think Reloaded, an organization that provides financial advice to high-level clients. CTI Invest partnered with SSUF, under the leadership of Mike as the deputy director, to organize Swiss Startup Day. Since 2016, SSUF has collaborated with BV4 to provide intellectual property services. In one of his recent interviews, Mike pointed out that SSUF is different from other incubators due to its total independence. Baur has continued to run Think Reloaded and Swiss Startup Factory while concentrating on financing and fundraising activities at SSUF. He plays a vital role in actualizing several technology startups in the region.


November 12 2017

Dr. Jennifer Walden Relocates and Thrives

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of America’s most well-renowned cosmetic surgeons, having had a successful business practice in New York City, and after recently relocating, continuing that same level of success by creating a practice in her hometown of Austin, Texas. Dr. Jennifer Walden considers herself a rarity in the world of cosmetic surgery, as when compared to the men in the field, there are actually very few women. Dr. Walden attributes this reality to the fact that there are very demanding obligations required to become a cosmetic surgeon after the initial education, which may lead to the postponement of the starting of a family. She understands that in this type of environment, she constantly has to prove herself with the quality of her work. Regardless of this fact, Dr. Walden believes that there are also some advantages to being a woman working in a male-dominated field, such as the fact that over 90 percent of cosmetic surgeries are performed on women. According to Jennifer, many of her patients tend to feel more comfortable discussing their surgery options because she is a woman and they feel that she can relate more easily to needs, as they are often spurred by insecurities in regards to their bodies. As a woman, Dr. Walden believes that she can relate with her clients, as she has shared many of their experiences, to the point that she can not only sympathize but can also empathize with their perspectives on bodily changes.

Dr. Walden currently has 8 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery, and after relocating from the bustling world of New York City, was initially worried that the demand for plastic surgery wouldn’t be as high in Texas, but quickly discovered that the need for cosmetic procedures was just as great in her new location.

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