August 16 2017

Talos Energy Digs The First Private Well In Mexico In 80 Years

In the past 80 years, no private company has been allowed in Mexico to sink any new offshore oil well. This is a part of the efforts being made by the Mexican government to allow foreign investors into its markets.


This is a joint venture. It includes Premier Oil PLC that is based in London, Talos Energy LLC of Houston and Sierra Oil & Gas of Mexico. The drilling of the well started on May 21. This is the first time that any offshore exploration well has been launched by someone who is not from Petroleos Mexicanos. This is because, in 1938, Mexico had nationalized the oil industry Petroleos Mexicanos being state-run, enjoyed the monopoly.


This privately dug offshore well has been termed Zama-1 well. It is in the Sureste Basin. It is located just off the state of Tabasco. It is estimated that this well contains 100 to 500 million barrels of crude oil. The drilling is expected to get completed in 90 days. The total cost of drilling is estimated to be $16 million. This right to dig was won by this joint venture in 2015.


Since this is the first that a non-Pemex well has been drilled after the Mexican waters opened, it marks the onset of the energy reform process of the company. Hence the industry is keenly watching this development. Geologically, this basin displays a high chance of success. All analysts are considering Zama-1 well being dug by Talos Energy as the most interesting exploration well being drilled this year.


In this venture, Talos Energy is the main operator as it is the owner of 35% stake here. Sierra is holding 40% stake while Premier holds 25% stake.


Talos Energy LLC is an oil and gas company that is privately-held. It is based in Houston. It has a wholly owned subsidiary known as Talos Production LLC. It has just acquired Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. This is a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. The acquisition had cost Talos Energy $620 million. Now people are looking forward to oil exploration being done by it.

August 9 2017

Brian Torchin: Fulfilling A Critical Need In Today’s Medical Industry

Brian Torchin is an innovator in the field of medicine today. By definition, an innovator is someone who sees a need that hasn’t been addressed and works to find solutions for what is missing.

Before we look into why he has become such an esteemed member of the medical community, it is important to understand that he came from humble roots, and because of his deep desire to fulfill a critical need, he has risen to success in a very discriminating industry.

Brian began his career in medicine at the University of Delaware, where he majored in exercise science. After undergraduate studies were completed, he transferred to the New York Chiropractic College, obtaining his doctoral degree in 1995.

Brian Torchin then set up his own private practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he ran a successful practice for a number of years.

As a result of his knowledge and expertise, he founded a company called HCRC, or Health Care Recruitment Coordinators, in 2007. He was committed to ensuring that other medical professionals would have a useful recruitment service that made it easy to find new opportunities.

This company’s function was to recruit and hire high quality healthcare professionals to fill open positions quickly, often within 72 hours of vacancy, so that high quality medical care could continue in institutions such as hospitals, clinics, schools, etc.

HCRC specializes in fulfilling positions for dentists, physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists.

HCRC’s staffing capabilities have recently expanded to include being able to fill positions in office management, finance, front desk and public relations. This company, under Torchin’s leadership, has been serving a global audience in the US, Europe, Australia and Canada.

Despite the fact that HCRC continues to expand and grow across the globe, Brian Torchin still finds time to continue to run his private practice as a chiropractor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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August 8 2017

The Brown Modelling Agency Making Dreams Come True

The Brown Agency was launched by Wilhelmina Austin a few years ago. The brown Agency used to be called Heyman Talent-South, but it was renamed and overhauled after the acquisition.

Currently, The Brown Agency is operated by Mr. Justin Brown who is serving as the chief executive officer and the President of the business. Since The Brown Agency was launched in Austin back in 2015, it has achieved great success. The Brown Agency has since worked with a vast number of giant brands which are operating on an international scale. Some of those names include Toyota, Dell, Luis Vuitton and thousands of other global businesses. The Brown Agency is working in the fields of commercial talent. It is also a modeling agency. The Brown Agency offers a broad spectrum of services such as advertising and t also provides campaigns with suitable models. The theatrical division of the agency will have Mr. Michael B. Bonnée as a leader. He is the founder of Heyman Talent-South. Mr. Michael B. Bonnée has had more than twenty years of experience in his line of work. The Brown Agency will also have an office building in Dallas, Texas, as well as in Los Angeles, California which is the mecca of the modeling industry in the United States of America.

Wilhelmina Austin was launched in 2010. The main office building is located in Austin, Texas. It has been providing top quality modeling services and has established itself as a leading force in the industry.

The Brown Agency has been expanding upon the services it provides over the past couple of years. The area of Austin, Texas is the main audience and clientele for the Brown Agency. It provides companies with models for runway shows, catalogs, as well as tv ads and printed advertisement in newspapers and magazines, among many other services.

According to Market Wired, the modes of the Brown Agency are diverse, and there is a suitable model for any campaign. The Brown Agency has models of different nationalities and skin colors. It has been recognized for the vast variety of models that it represents. Over the course of the past handful of years, The Brown Agency has had their models appearing on a number of shows. Some of them include the Miami Swim Week, the Austin Fashion Week, as well as the Dallas Fashion Week, and the New York City Fashion Week, to name a few.

The brown Agency has not also served many brands, but it has made many dreams come true. For some of the teenagers and young adult of the Austin area, the Brown Agency has been a blessing as it has represented them well on their way to success and has helped them realize their dreams.

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August 4 2017

Eric Pulier Shows How Technology Can Make the World a Better Place

Most people want to make the world a better place. Few can lay claim to much success on that front though. It’s why the accomplishments of those who do are worth examining more closely. There’s a lot to be learned from studying the lives of people like Eric Pulier. Individuals who haven’t just tried to help the world, but who’ve succeeded amazingly well time and time again.

One of the first things that most people notice about Eric Pulier is his technological knowhow. Pulier has been directly involved with more than fifteen successful companies within the tech sector. That level of success is obviously a rather impressive item to showcase someone’s talents. However, looking at Pulier’s life it’s easy to see that this success is simply part of the path to a greater goal.

Philanthropy and charity work have always been the central feature of Pulier’s life. It’s easy to see that his financial success and accomplishments within the tech sector have been in large part to help him help others. In fact, one of his first milestones in the tech sector came about through his efforts to help people suffering from multiple sclerosis. Eric Pulier created software that would help educate people suffering from the condition about what they could expect and what they might be able to do in order to have a fuller life. And of course it also helped to educate friends and family of people suffering from it as well to learn more: click here.

This interest in melding medical education with technology reached a high point with his Starbright World program. The software was designed around the experiences of children suffering from diabetes. Pulier knew how difficult it could be for children to understand all of the nutritional and biological information which goes along with the condition. It’s equally apparent just how dangerous it can be for kids suffering from diabetes who don’t understand just how severe the condition can be when left unmanaged. Pulier’s Starbright World software serves as a way for children to actually look at what’s going on in their own bodies as they learn about insulin and sugar.

It’s easy to see just how closely tied together compassion and technology are in Pulier’s life. The examples are only scratching the surface of the many ways he’s been able to help the world through technology. Looking at Pulier’s life shows that a drive to improve the world can also manifest in a successful career.

August 3 2017

Philanthropist and Businessman James Dondero


If you haven’t heard of James Dondero, he is the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, an alternative investment management firm that manages hedge funds; founded in 1993, the privately held firm reportedly has assets totaling $18.7 billion. According to his Linkedin profile, Dondero earned a Bachelor of Science in commerce (accounting and finance) from the University of Virginia in 1984. James is well versed in business management and has held an impressive succession of high profile positions throughout his illustrious career.


Prior to his role with Highland Capital Management, James served as the chief investment officer for Protective Life Insurance’s GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) subsidiary; under his leadership, the business that was once merely a concept grew to an estimated $2 billion between 1989 and 1993. How did James Dondero develop a penchant for successful business scaling? After earning his degree, he completed his financial training with JP Morgan and went on to serve as the portfolio manager for American Express from 1985 to 1989. In his role with American Expressed, he was tasked with managing $1 billion in fixed income funds; his success in this role, along with his education, created a solid business foundation that would soon open new doors for the enterprising businessman.


Although James is well regarded for his business acumen, he is also recognized for his philanthropic spirit. Dondero, through Highland Capital Management, donated $1 million to the Dallas Zoo, enabling the zoo to build a 5,000-foot lodge that would give zoo attendees the ability to view hippos, the lodge was aptly named “Highland Capital Lodge.” In addition, he has donated an undisclosed amount towards the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute. James Dondero is also a proponent of education; according to an article in the Daily Forex Report, he has made charitable donations to the Perot Museum of Natural Science, the Snowball Express, the Education is Freedom Charity and other organizations. Dondero’s business proficiency has translated into humanitarian efforts, making him not only a successful businessman but also, a hero to a number of organizations.

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August 2 2017

The Legendary Trade Unionist of Ireland

James was born in Liverpool, England on 29th January 1876.He was born to Irish parents in a slum in Liverpool. Due to his limited formal education, James worked as a manual laborer and engaged in other handy jobs to assist his family financially. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

In 1903 James Larkin married Elizabeth Brown with whom he had four sons. James finally became a foreman at the Liverpool docks. Larkin was a committed socialist who believed in fair treatment of all workers. Owing to his strong conviction about treating employees fairly, he became a member of the National Union of Dock Laborers. In 1905 James Larkin became fully pledged in organizing trade unions.

Two years after joining the NUDL James was moved to Dublin by his trade union .This resulted from his radical strike methods. Upon his transfer, James formed the Irish Transport and General Workers Union whose main objective was to amalgamate all Irish workers, skilled, unskilled and industrial workers.

The party also vouched for a pension for workers above 60 years, nationalization of all means of transport,8 hours legal working hours, the creation of employment opportunities for all among other sensitive worker issues.

ITGWU was the pioneer of all other trade unions in England. In the year 1912, there was` the Great Labor Unrest’ to which James responded very well and led the establishment of the Labor Party by the congress.

The number of trade union members also increased from 5000 to 15000.In 1913thre was the Dublin Lockout which won workers the right to fair employment. This made James more famous as an activist. Read more: Jim Larkin – Biography

On the onset of World War 1, James conducted anti war campaigns to prevent the participation of Irish people in international war.

James Larkin also traveled to the US to raise funds to help in waging war against the British. From his activities, he was convicted for communism and criminal anarchy. On the other hand, James received recognition from Communist International in 1924.

As an activist even in his later years, James Larkin faced many challenges like being deported to England from America, separation with his wife among others. He is remembered as a legend Trade Unionist even after his death on 30th January 1947.

August 2 2017

The Guaranteed Marketing Success of White Shark Media: A Review

White Shark Media has risen within a very short span of time to become one of the leading digital marketing agencies, delivering tailored online marketing solutions for small and medium sized enterprises. It has been pitted as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the USA, having gained a reputation for generating highly profitable marketing campaigns for small and medium sized enterprises while simultaneously offering them the perfect customer experience and the best results. The company has helped many businesses grow over the period of which they have been in operation by using many ingenious digital marketing tactics. They keep a keen eye over their clients’ marketing efforts to understand the areas that may need greater attention and those areas which they have managed to establish control on their own. By using such useful digital tool as the Google Analytics integration, call tracking, proprietary reporting software and competitive intelligence, White Shark Media can ascertain the areas of concern and establish an effective online marketing plan to make a successful campaign. Nothing is left to chance.

White Shark Media is one of just twenty-nine Google Adwords Premium Partners in the United States and therefore has access to an online marketing tool that others in the industry do not have access to. The relationship with Google Adwards was, perhaps unsurprisingly, initiated by Google itself. Appreciating their great work and awed by their exponential growth, Google invited White Shark Media to their headquarters and proposed a partnership that would see the media become one of only a handful of companies that can use Google AdWords in their business. This partnership is the reserve for just a few companies that are picked by Google on account of their potential and their market reach. The AdWords are tailored in accordance to each of the partnering company’s needs, enabling White Shark Media to gain greater reach with their online marketing campaigns for their clients. Effectively, this makes White Shark Media perhaps the best digital marketing agency in North America. What’s more, their exponential growth and immense potential have been recognized by Microsoft as well. The tech industry giant recently engaged White Shark Media to form an alliance that would make the media become a part of the Reseller Program. This program is undeniably quite selective and has been authorized by Bing Ads. The effect of this will be a greater market reach and the ability to create more simple digital marketing campaigns for each of their clients. White Shark Media has the right tools and technological infrastructure to deliver results. But don’t just take my word for it, try them.

August 1 2017

How CTCA Is Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment Centers for America entered into a contract with NantHealth and Allscripts to install a program that would offer better packages. The program will entail a smooth application of the Clinical Pathways program that will have hundreds of oncologists offer uninterrupted services countrywide. The chief medical officer of CTCA George Daneker stated that the Clinical Pathways package will go a long way in the implementation of new data and the adaptation of new tech. The package uses the most recent cancer researches, improved therapy sessions and treatment plans under the Allscripts Sunrise HER.

The Clinical Pathways will encompass a number of advantages such as treatment plans that are tailor made to fit the patient’s body. The average price plan for the entire treatment will be affordable for all candidates. The program’s creators integrated the use of computers in the ordering steps which ease the use for all patients. Clinical Pathways subscribers will have access to constantly up dated instructional plans and information regarding the drugs’ reactions and toxicity. The drugs will be manufactured to serve the ever-changing needs of every patient.

The chief executive officer of Allscripts Paul Black stated that his firm partnered with CTCN and NantHealth to help cancer patients and treatment providers gain increased benefits. He revealed that they undertook an intense analysis to figure out which factors affect candidates the most and come up with a befitting plan. The senior executive director of NantHealth’s medical affairs explained that the union will offer real time solutions to all patients and physicians. He said that the inclusion of improved technology in the process of finding a cure is the real catalyst to effecting bigger change in cancer researches. He expressed his firm’s enthusiasm in working closely with CTCA and added that they have an agreement to better the lives of society worldwide.