June 30 2017

Sheldon Lavin | Successful Chairman And CEO Of Food Processing Giant OSI Group, LLC

Sheldon Lavin has worked within the food and meat processing industry for over four decades. Before he entered the industry, he was a banking executive and a successful investor who owned a financial consulting firm. Lavin started working for Otto & Sons as a financial executive before he was absorbed into the industry.

After he had assumed the chairmanship of OSI Group, Lavin started transforming the company into a worldwide supplier of quality food products to various retail and foodservice brands. The group’s affiliate companies include OSI International Foods, LLC; OSI Industries, LLC; and OSI International, Inc. It presently employs over 20,000 people globally. Lavin is proud of the strong corporate culture that he has cultivated and filtered down through the company’s ranks. The culture is unique and family-oriented, which has led to the longevity of its workforce.

Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is OSI Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He is also OSI International Foods Ltd.’s President. He has a lot of knowledge and extensive experience in the food and meat processing industry. Lavin started his career in the food processing industry in 1970. At the time, he was working for Otto & Sons in its financing department. The company later grew into OSI Group.

Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group has grown from a domestic food and meat processing company into a global industry leader. Today, it operates over 60 locations in 60 different countries. Thanks to his accomplishment and excellent management, the OSI Group has won numerous awards and recognitions. Lavin received the prestigious Global Visionary Award from the Vision World Academy of India.

Under Lavin’s watch, OSI Group has, further, received sustainability and environmental awards during their global expansion. Sheldon Lavin has reiterated that he wants to inspire next generation corporate leaders to lead and grow their companies responsibly in a way that will improve global commerce, create opportunities for employees, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Lavin is actively involved in numerous charitable causes like his involvement with Ronald McDonald House Charities. He is proud of his three children, his charitable contributions, and his successes in growing OSI Group.

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June 29 2017

Dr. Akhil Reddy’s Take on the Five-Star French Wine

France is popular for the variety of wines it holds. While there are many inexpensive varieties, not all of them come packed with great taste. In fact, great wine is defined by the type of grapes used, and the mastery of fermenting. While not occupied with his dentistry work, Dr. Reddy immerses himself in the world of the winery and views himself as a wine connoisseur.

According to Crunchbase, Dr. Reddy Akhil has a wealth of knowledge on the best wines, a passion which has resulted from his wine tasting adventures. Dr. Reddy has a palate for balanced flavors and has found his way into masterful wine production. According to him, there is always high-quality wine for a budgeted price, and can only be found through good research. He recently made a list of inexpensive high-profile tasting wines. Some of these include:

  • Domaine de Pellehaut Chardonnay Fruit, PGI Cotes de Gascogne
  • Chateau Haut Bernasse Le Clos Monbazillac
  • Chateau Beaumont, Haut Medoc
  • Chateau Mont-Perat, Castillon
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Vin de Pays d’Oc
  • Domaine Hudelot-Noellat, Bourgogne Rouge, Burgundy
  • La Parde de Haut-Bailly, Pessac-Leognan
  • Asda Beaujolais

Dr. Akhil Reddy’s Professional Affiliations

Dr. Akhil Reddy is a highly competent dental practitioner based in Fort Worth, TX. He is specialized in the diagnosis, treatment and the prevention of gum, mouth, and teeth diseases as well as general oral health.

Dr. Reddy also handles cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening and straightening. With more than nine years in the practice of general dentistry, he is a member of the MB2 Dental and has offices in six places including Carrolton and Corpus Christ TX. The training completed includes:

  • B.S in biology from the University of the Pacific’s Accelerated Dental Program
  • Doctor of dental surgery, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, CA
  • Doctorate at the age of 23

He works in close partnership with MB2 Dental, an umbrella organization of dentists established by Dr. Steve Villanueva in 2009 and is in the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry board of directors. As of 2017, the organization has more than 60 registered affiliate centers in the US.

The organization does not interfere with the dentist-patient relationship but focuses more on helping newly graduated dentists set up proper clinic practices.

Given that insurance processing is one of the most difficult issues to deal with in the dental practice, MB2 makes it effective. MB2 manages its HR through an integrated system, which allows easy access to any needed help.

June 28 2017

The Undoubted Growth of Eucatex Manifests the Leadership Capability That is in Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a renowned Brazilian businessman. He boasts of a rich legacy that he has built throughout his career life. Flavio is well known for giving insights on diverse business issues to the people. His background training gave him a good start for his career. He attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in Sao Paulo, completing a course in mechanical engineering. He then moved to the New York University where he studied a business administration course.


Career Journey


Flavio Maluf started working at Eucatex in 1987 working in the trade division. Shortly after, he moved to the industrial department of the firm until 1996. He was appointed to the position of the President in 1997. He serves in this senior position up to date. Under his watch, Flavio has helped the company to invent and bring to the market new products. He adopted a hands-on approach to the management of the firm. He engages other minds in decision making and is always present to guide his team. He is very keen to spot new opportunities in the market. In 2010, Flavio led the company in launching a new factory in Salto City. He is dedicated to driving the organization forward and works relentlessly towards this goal with each passing day. As the head of the company, he has often been at the forefront in leading the company in giving back to the society. He actively participated in charity events around the communities. He also offers help as a volunteer. Recently, he led a partnership between Eucatex and the Hospital and Maternidade Idio Carli to donate doors and plates.


About Eucatex


The Eucatex Group has been excelling in the production of high-quality and affordable construction products since 1951. The company spotted an unutilized market in the use of Eucalyptus to create plates and panels. It was the pioneer company in the use of raw materials to produce eco-friendly products in Brazil. The company’s first factory was launched in 1954 in Salto, Sao Paulo. The company expanded its production to include acoustic linings, soft sheets, as well as insulation and acoustic sheets. It has since become one of the most sought after supplier of these products to the furniture making and construction industries. Today, Eucatex has a second factory in Salto and another one in Botucatu https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3


June 27 2017

Karl Heideck and Philidelphia’s Fight Against Discriminatory Lending

Karl Heideck and Philidelphia's Fight Against Discriminatory Lending

Karl Heideck and Philidelphia’s Fight Against Discriminatory Lending

As explained by attorney Karl Heideck, a lawsuit has been filed against Wells Fargo by the City of Philadelphia. The complaint claims that discriminatory practices were being used in direct opposition to the Fair Housing Act, and that predatory lending techniques were specifically targeting minority mortgage borrowers. Wells Fargo denies these claims, arguing that their lending protocol has always been fair and that the allegations do not hold weight. Unfortunately for bank, this has befallen them as they are recovering from a scandalous ordeal that revealed some of its bankers had opened fake accounts in customers’ names.According to the city, Wells Fargo trapped African American and Hispanic borrowers in risky, high-interest loans, even though their credit qualified them for lower-interest, less risky loans. Therefore, many of the alleged victims had trouble keeping up with the payments and then had tremendous difficulty refinancing. Most of them, the City says, were forced into foreclosure in much higher numbers than whites.

When the math of Wells Fargo was looked at closely over a decade of time, it was found that black borrowers were twice as likely to receive higher interest loans, and Hispanics 1.7 times more likely, than white borrowers. The complaint alleges, this was the case even though all had similar FICO scores. Because of the trouble minorities found themselves trapped in, the city says it caused extreme hardship on minority neighborhoods resulting in foreclosures tainting the landscape and lowering property values. The City’s lawyers are seeking an undisclosed amount of monetary damages as well as a ban on Wells Fargo continuing predatory lending practices.

Karl Heideck is a practicing lawyer in Philadelphia, and works for the law firm Grant & Eisenhower where he spends much time researching profound cases such as this. He is specifically interested in cases of mortgage fraud, and has intensely studied fallout from the mortgage crises of 2008 that left many destitute and weighed down with burdens of homelessness, liquidity, acquisition, risk and transaction issues.Heideck graduated Temple University Beasley School of Law in 2009 with honors and a Juris Doctor degree. He also earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature from Swarthmore College, as well. He has chosen to use his expertise to help clients with civil litigation, risk management and compliance issues throughout Philadelphia. Learn More.

June 25 2017

Why Beneful Should Be Your Only Choice for Dog Food

If you are not feeding your pet Beneful brand food, then you need to take a look more closely at your choices. Are you even sure about all the ingredients in your dog food, what if they were toxic and robbing your pet of years off their life? This something you never have to be concerned with when you are buying Beneful brand dog food.

Every bag of grain free with real farm-raised chicken dry dog food is produced at Purina-owned U.S. facilities that must go through extensive quality checks along the way. Not only is your dog getting the healthiest of foods, they are absolutely delicious too. Huge chunks of farm-raised chicken, packed with colorful and healthy accents like spinach, pumpkin, and even blueberries. Your dog will be racing to eat dinner when they see what you are filling their bowl with.

Stop feeding your Beneful dog food that is unhealthy for them and not providing them the 23 vitamins and minerals that their body needs to grow and stay healthy. The family at Beneful only feed their dogs the same farm-raised chicken dry dog food because they see exactly what goes into the bag. Give your dog the healthy and tasty choice they deserve.

June 25 2017

Ricardo Tosto on Brazil’s First Law Schools

Although the first universities in Brazil were established in the 1930’s, there were various institutions of higher education in the country going back the 19th century. The first two law schools were established at around the same time, one in Pernambuco and the other in Sao Paulo. The Pernambuco law school was originally located in Olinda, near Recife, but was relocated to Recife some decades later. Both schools are known for having graduated many Supreme Court justices as for a long time they were the only law schools operating in the country. However, it was not uncommon for Brazilians to study law at foreign universities, especially at the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

There were also a great legal practitioners with no degree whatsoever, particularly in rural areas. These practitioners were analogous to American lawyers who passed the bar after a period of apprenticeship, although in the case of Brazil there was no formal regulation of the profession until the 1930’s. Up unto the 1970’s, the national bar continued to register self-taught lawyers in certain instances.

Ricardo Tosto is a graduate of McKenzie Law School in Sao Paulo and also holds a certificate in Business Administration from FAAP College. Ricardo Tosto is the founder of one of Brazil’s best known law firms, Ricardo Tosto & Associates, a leader in dispute resolution.In addition to his legal career, Ricardo Tosto has a keen interest in literature and history, having a number of publications to his credit. Moreover, Ricardo Tosto has co-founded a number of important legal organizations.

June 24 2017

UK Vintner PLC Should Be on The Top of Every Wine Enthusiast’s List of a High Quality Product Provider

UK Vintner PLC carries extensive ranges of wine products of investment grades. Whether you’re adding to existing collections of fine wine or beginning from scratch, they’re able to offer labels that are desirable and made from some of Europe’s leading vineyards.

The concepts of collecting fine wine products for financial gain isn’t anything new in any sense. Traditionally, people have been able to purchase cases of wine products for the purposes of selling some so that they could basically drink some for free to learn more: http://ukvintnersplc.tumblr.com/ click here.

Wine has been noted as being a commodity of champagne that is worth trading, as it’s been utilized as forms of currency for the exchange of different assets or goods. It is no surprise that those who possess disposable income are able to consider fine wine as being a great asset for them to possess. It is a philosophy that’s been mostly responsible for rekindled interest in products of fine as good places for one to safeguard funds against economic movements that are turbulent and financial downturns.

New centers of wealth is producing greater exposure in fueling demand for labels that are very prestigious. People have been discovering the wine products aren’t necessarily simple great tangible assets for them to hold onto, but social assets of both personal rewards and pleasure for them to enjoy. Exclusive vineyards are producing 3,000 cases with the majority of them producing under between 15,000 cases per year.

It certainly isn’t difficult to see how demand is capable of easily outstripping supply as markets develop continually. It’s recommended for you to speak with a consultant who may be able to provide you with exactly what you need in pertinence to learning about high qualities of wine products, most particularly the ones that they carry. Whether you’re aware of it or not, it’s a great opportunity for you to invest in something that you may be able to see yourself enjoying in the long run.

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June 23 2017

Capital Group’s CEO: Retirement Funds Safest in Hands of Active Fund Managers

While Warren Buffet, well known billionaire and philanthropist, believes that it’s safest to put one’s retirement funds in passive index funds. The point of betting a million dollars on the premise that investments will grow more in passive index funds than in the hands of hedge fund managers, Capital Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Armour, however, completely disagrees.

Now, Armour believes that in all likelihood, Warren Buffet will win the bet—which, by the way, would go to charity if Buffet does win—as Armour admits that active funds can end up being quite costly for investors. And Armour agrees with Buffet’s assertion that retirement funds must become better safety nets for not only for Baby Boomers approaching retirement, but also for members of Generation X as well as Millennials to learn more: https://www.thecapitalgroup.com/our-company/management-team.html click here.

Capital Group’s Timothy Armour believes that active funds are still the best investment for one’s retirement, rather than the passive index funds that Buffet trusts. The key, Armour says, is in finding hedge fund managers that perform exceptionally well. In the long run, when investors place funds in high performing, well-managed active funds, they stand to receive higher returns than if they place their investment in passive index funds.

Armour’s 30 years of experience and expertise in this field back him up. He was named Chairman of Capital Group, one of the biggest fund managers in the world and home to American Funds, on July 28, 2015. Armour graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in economics.

Recently, Armour spearheaded the team that brought about the partnership of Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management, whose aim is the development of asset allocation products as well as to offer the best options for retirement planning.

Late last year, a commentary written by Tim Armour was featured in the Wall Street Journal. In the piece, he reiterated the importance of excellent fund managers—those who do not just check on companies performances in the stock market daily, but actually do due diligence in looking for companies with real value.

June 22 2017

Bruce Bent II Brings Change to the Short-Term Asset Class

Innovation is one of Silicon Valley’s favorite buzzwords but it is not a concept often found on Wall Street. For Bruce Bent II it is synonymous with his career in the financial services sector. Bruce has worked as an innovator in the financial markets for decades, and at the time of the financial collapse in 2008 he was leading up The Reserve Fund with $130 billion in cash under management. Yes, that is cash and billions. Bent transformed the FDIC-insurance market segment and his innovation allowed investors to share in the profits that prior to their creation had been the sole province of the banks and financial institutions.

After the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, The Reserve made the decision to begin unwinding their positions in the market. Their clients ultimately received 99% of their holdings in the firm’s Reserve Primary Fund while all other money funds were made completely whole. It was during this time that Bent II showed his strong leadership skills and a recent article in Ideamensch confirms that Bruce has hands-on involvement during this time and had a direct effect on the outcome. Bent has continued to show his leadership as well as his thirst for change and innovation in recent years. It is interesting to learn that Bent II holds over 60 privately held patents.

The realm of intellectual property is another area in which he has helped to spur innovation. Island Intellectual Property, LLC works to help innovators secure patents for their work in the financial services industry. Additionally, he is now with the Double Rock Corporation where he serves as Vice Chairman and President. The Corporation has six wholly owned subsidiaries and Bent II holds leadership positions in them all.

The only thing that is constant in the world of Bruce Bent II is change. His innovation continues and it will be fascinating to see what challenges he next tackles. His leadership and position in the financial services sector are undisputed, and he continues to impress. Bent II is also involved in philanthropy and believes that an important part of success is giving back.

Learn more about Bruce Bent II in this interview.

June 22 2017

Todd Lubar an Icon in Entrepreneurship

Todd Lubar discussed his prosperity as a business person and representative in a meeting with IDEAMENCH on the web. He began as a business visionary and representative working in the land segment for more than 20 years helping individuals understands their fantasies of getting to be property holders. Notwithstanding his land, Lubar dallied into different enterprises crossing from stimulation, to development, and to contract saving money. Drawing from his more than 20 years’ involvement as an agent, the possibility of TDL Global Ventures came up to encourage convey alleviation to purchasers confronting challenges in getting truly necessary credits. Todd Lubar expressed that he conveyed his thought to fulfillment through self-discipline sponsored by his past involvement in land and home loan managing an account.

He affirms that to be more profitable as a business visionary you ought to be efficient and dependably be vigilant on each part of your business. You have to realize what is happening at all levels of your business to help you settled on educated choices. Lubar said if he somehow managed to start from the very beginning once more, he would be cautious with individuals encompassing him and will reevaluate how to empower a culture of trust in his business. His motto is “Encircle yourself with individuals who challenge and develop you professionally and by and by.”

As per Hackronym, Todd Lubar is the organizer and President of TDL Ventures which is situated in the condition of New Jersey. Before beginning TDL Ventures, he filled in as an advance originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He was decreed one of the main 25 contract originators in the nation for a long time. He is likewise the author and Senior Vice President of Maryland-based Legendary Financial LLC, a speculation pioneer in the national system of banks reliably acknowledging more than $100 million in credits every year. Todd Lugar holds a B.A. degree in discourse correspondence from the Syracuse University since 1995. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Todd Lubar keeps on growing his organizations making full utilization of the liquidity of properties to reserve to build the market of borrowers. Driven by more than 20 years of experience he comprehends economic situations and can settle on basic choices as required.