May 24 2017

Highland Capital Management Makes $1 Million ‘Matching Pledge’ For ‘The Family Place’ Through The ‘Highland Dallas Foundation’

Yes, Highland Capital Management is a well established and successful financial investment institution; but there is also the Highland Dallas Foundation, a substantial non-profit organization, that James Dondero and Highland Capital Management have a strong affiliation with.


James Dondero, who is a Certified Management Accountant and professionally recognized as a Chartered Financial Analyst as well as being the president of Highland Capital Management, showed the impressive support that Highland Capital Management gives to the Highland Dallas Foundation.


At an award function given by ‘The Family Place,’ a charitable institution that focuses on all of the aspects of family violence especially within the Dallas area, James Dondero stated that for their ‘Legacy Campaign’ that The Family Place is conducting to raise funds the Highland Capital Management group would match all donations at a rate of 50 cents for each dollar donated for the next six months up to the amount of $1 million dollars.


To really jump start this campaign it was revealed that the official start date was October 4th and when word got out that of this matching pledge the ‘Legacy Campaign’ got a massive jump start with donations of $200,000 and immediately received another $100,000 based on the matching pledge.


Along with the approval and confirmation of the regulatory committees in the field of finance earned by James Dondero, a list of chairman positions he holds includes: American Banknote, Cornerstone Healthcare and MGM Studios. His ability to understand risk management is combined with his experience in several unrelated industries. His ability to contribute valuable input in areas that would be considered outside of his expertise seems obvious with the diversity of the companies mentioned above.


James Dondero was also one of the founders of Highland Capital Management in 1993; and as of October of 2016 they currently have assets of 16 billion dollars.

May 23 2017

Vincent Parascandola Is The Leader Of Financial Security

Vincent Parascandola, also known as Vinny, is the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLc. He is in charge of sales, developing management, recruiting, retention, and productivity. He is also responsible for aiding the new and experience financial professionals in their growth and development. He has invested more than 25 years in this industry. He has had a successful career leading and helping others.


He got his start with Prudential as an agent in 1987. He was named “National Rookie of the Year.” He then moved on to MONY Life Insurance Company, where he held numerous managerial positions. He then became apart of AXA Advisors in 2004. He was president of the Advantage Group, a division of AXA Equitable, formed to bring in more experienced financial professionals. It is a innovative financial protection company and a provider of life insurance and annuity products. Previously, he was co-manager of the company’s New York Metro branch. They have a total of 400 professionals that has become apart of the team. Vincent Parascandola has received numerous awards throughout his career for his leadership skills often reflected in his management roles. He is also a well known for his speaking abilities, as he is sought after to speak for numerous industry conferences.


Vincent Parascandola earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University in New York. A few years ago, he paid a visit there and gave the commencement speech for the graduating class of 2014.


AXA Advisors has a network of nearly 6,000 financial professionals on their team that provide solutions and products specifically for financial safety and investments. Investments may include asset allocation, college, retirement, business and estate planning. They realize that financial security is important, therefore they provide those services for their clients so they are protected throughout their lives.


May 17 2017

End Citizens United Wishes To Change Campaign Finance Laws

Campaign finance laws favor big money in American government, and End Citizens United is a super PAC that was created to change the laws of campaign finance. There are many examples in the modern day that show money corrupts government, and this article explains how End Citizens United wishes to change the way America is governed. They have a large public presence that is educating the public one person at a time.


#1: What Is Their Purpose?


The purpose of End Citizens United is to educate the public on a number of things that they did not know before. The PAC is raising money to push forward their mission, and they are hunting for a number of ways to show the public that big money is not safe for them. They are sharing their information on social media, and they are explaining their position to those who do not understand.


#2: How Do They Reach The Public?


End Citizens United is on social media every day, and they post news articles online that readers may learn from. They are willing to post news that sheds a bad light on those who accept big money, and they want the public to see there are corrupt people who use donations to change the way they govern. Someone who has their ear bent by money is not good for America, and End Citizens United wishes to see special interests taken out of government.


#3: They Will End All Special Interests


There are many special interests that will end because of the laws that End Citizens United wish to change. They are lobbying Congress to change a law that alters how they are elected, and they hope to see the government elect officials on a level playing field. Someone who wishes to change the law of the land must work quite hard, and there are many people who wish to work with their local congressmen on these laws. Creating a consensus on this matter will help improve how elections are held.


#4: Why Are They Raising Money?


They are raising money because they must prepare for the midterm elections. There are many midterm elections that will stop big money from changing government, and someone who is following End Citizens United will realize that giving to the cause will stop corruption that has marked government for some time.


There are quite a few people who are interested in the way government elections are financed, and End Citizens United wishes to stop PACs that give money to politicians in return for favors. The favors will end, and every special interest will be pushed out of government when End Citizens United reaches their goal to change the law.


May 14 2017

José Henrique Borghi Advertising

One of the keys to having success in business is learning how to advertise. With those changes, you need a plan for how to invest for the future. There are many people who are excited about the changes that are starting to take place in this area. José Henrique Borghi is a leader in the world of advertising in Brazil, and he has a plan for the future in a number of areas. With those changes, he has proven that he wants to help other people get to a new level in their life and career.

José Henrique Borghi

When José Henrique Borghi started out in the world of business, he knew that things were going to be different in his world. He wanted to make a big difference for others, and he has worked really hard to get there for a number of reasons. Advertising is one of the best ways to grow a business over time. In Brazil, the economy is starting to pick up steam and companies are hiring again. With all of these changes, now is a great time to make a difference for other people. If you are ready to learn how to help other people in your life and business, this is a great way to do so and learn more about Borghi.

Final Thoughts

Overall, José Henrique Borghi is the type of person who is ready and willing to take his life to a new level. Not only that, but he has proven that he can help other people in business bring in new customers and increase the overall basket size of their transactions. This is a great starting point for people in this area.

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May 12 2017

Ken Goodrich Found The Right Recipe For Goettl Air Conditioning Turn-Around

Ken Goodrich is well known for buying and repairing businesses that are not doing so well. When he bought Goettl Air Conditioning at the state of no profits and morale, he knew exactly how to revive it from his experience though it posed some challenges at first.


Change Of Plan


Goettl Air Conditioning had been in existence since 1939 and was founded by two brothers: Adam and Gust Goettl. By 2013, the firm had exchanged hands multiple times. The company was facing some problems with the attorney general, which had lowered its reputation. When the issue was solved, the reputation did not change, which prompted Ken to adopt an approach that would build morale in the business. He chose to focus on highlighting the needs of the customers and the roles of the employees. He started having talks with his employees on how they would positively impact their clients and the society as a whole. He led the company in some philanthropic projects, which saw the company morale rise.


Handling Competition


Goettl Air Conditioning was faced with another challenge of competition. With more homes being fitted with air conditioners, the HIV business is projected to be big, attracting more players. Ken used the strategy of satisfying the customer first before making money. He then replaced the Randy Pullen’s unit with a carrier last year and evaluated the Phoenix Home unit to include cooling areas that ensure that room is cooled depending on its use, making some savings in the process. Ken Goodrich is happy of the outcome that has helped keep his childhood dream as well as preserve his father’s legacy.


About Goettl Air Conditioning


Goettl Air Conditioning offers top-notch heating, ventilation, air conditioning solutions as well as repair services for the units. The firm also provides plumbing services through their subsidiary, The Sunny Plumber.


Goettl’s center of operations is in Arizona. The HVAC services provider has other offices in Tucson, Phoenix, and most recently opened one in Las Vegas.

May 11 2017

CEO Bob Reina Talks About Huffpost’s Rebranding

Bob Reina is the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a video marketing company which is headquartered in Brandon, Florida. He recently had two articles published on HuffPost that addressed the websites rebranding.

The first article Bob Reina wrote, titled “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” was published the day before The Huffington Post changed its brand to HuffPost. He published his second article, “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters” a few days later.

The reason that HuffPost changed its name was because they changed the mission of the news website. It is now dedicated to people who don’t have a voice in national discussions according to Lydia Polgreen, the Editor in Chief of Huffpost. This change in mission was something that Reina found appealing as both a regular contributor to the website as well as head of Talk Fusion. As he explains it, Bob Reina believes in brand innovation and that the growth of a brand doesn’t have an endpoint. He added that he’s always looking to help people succeed regardless of who and where they are, a characteristic that he feels shows up in his HuffPost articles. He started writing articles for the site in August 2016 and has written articles on various topics such as entrepreneurship, lifestyle, self-development, and marketing trends.

Talk Fusion is a global brand that provides its clients video marketing solutions. Its products and service are sold through independent associates who are located in more than 160 countries around the globe. Bob Reina founded the company in 2007 and four apps; Video Email, Video Conferencing, Sign-up Forms, and Live Meetings. The apps, which are available for both Android and Apple devices, can be used to communicate with others as well as for marketing.

Bob Reina has made giving back to the community a core part of how Talk Fusion operates. They support numerous charities in Southern Florida as well as around the world. One of the primary beneficiaries of company’s donations are animal charities around the world. Reina has said that it’s important to have a selfless heart and give others a helping hand.

May 9 2017

Jim Tananbaum, CEO of Foresite Announces a New Partner; Dr. Molly He

Foresite Capital Management is a fast-growing American company specializing in genomics and drug development investments. Foresite’s mandate is not only restricted to financing experimental treatments. No, their focus extends to encapsulate making investments in emerging diagnostics, medical devices and, on promising healthcare services. Under the able-stewardship of CEO Jim Tananbaum, the sky is no longer the limit for this organization based in San Francisco, CA, anymore. Foresite Capital has now turned its gaze on taking over the entire pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Molly He Joins Foresite

The ambitious expansion strategy of the company recently saw them hire another highly-experienced top-level administrator. In April this year, Foresite made the announcement that they’d secured the services of Dr. Molly He to the partnership. The new signing is expected to come with a ton of positive developments, especially in the research and development department. Dr. Molly is a Ph.D. holder whose worked in the genome and pharmaceutical arena for the past 15 years. Previous to joining Foresight Capital, the revered research scientist served as one of the lead directors over at Illumina Inc.

Next-Gen Sequencing Expert

Speaking to the press shortly after the announcement, the CEO of Foresite, Jim Tananbaum couldn’t hide his joy and excitement about having Dr. Molly come work with them. After all, Molly has risen to become one of the leading authority voices in the field of next generation DNA and genome sequencing techniques. Jim referred to Dr. Molly as being an invaluable asset to Foresite and its growth prospects, moving forward.

Targeted Cancer Attacks

At her previous gig, Dr. Molly He was mostly in charge of overseeing experiments involving improving our understanding of protein reagents. The new partner has a wealth of experience working with synthetically engineered antibodies and other drugs which target cancerous cells and other autoimmune disorders prevalent in the world today. According to, Dr. Molly is the proud holder of well over 20 patents on the realm of next-generation sequencing. You can visit Peloton Therapeutics for more info.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim is a highly respected medical researcher who attended the Harvard Medical School in the mid-to-late 80’s. Mr. Tananbaum pursued two different degrees at the same time. He balanced his medical studies with Informational Theory courses from MIT. Upon graduating, Jim didn’t start his medical career right away. Instead, he opted to increase his knowledge and that’s when he enrolled at the Harvard Business School. Jim completed his MBA studies at Harvard in 1991. The CEO has remained at Foresite Capital, based in San Francisco, for the last 7 years.

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May 9 2017

Clay Siegall’s Dedication to Fight Cancer

People take different angles of view when it comes to making career choices. Some choose their careers based several driving forces like profitability, interests, passions, and others just do it for the sake of social status. However, a few of them are motivated by situations or experiences they have been exposed to at some point in their life. They aim to change the situation or at the least improve it. Clay Siegall’s career was shaped by such an experience.


Brought up by a father who was cancer afflicted, Clay Siegall swore to lead a career that revolved around helping others, particularly the cancer patients. Watching his father waste away as the disease gnawed into him crushed him to bits. Eventually, in his early 20s, his father died. He came to the realization that oncology had little tools to manage the deadly ailment. Knowing that his father’s life could have been prolonged if the right tools were available, he resolved to change the existing situation and improve the tools.


To actualize his dream, Clay Siegall pursued a Bachelor of Science in Zoology at Maryland University and received a Doctorate in Genetics from George Washington University. For years, he worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Here, he learned how to run a company, and this prepared him well for the future. With his 30 years of vast experience, Clay’s purpose has never been deterred. He is always focused on coming up with better treatment for cancer patients through the use of targeted drugs.


Clay Siegall’s success has been remarkable, and it has not passed unnoticed. Due to his dedication and commitment to his scientific work, he has received numerous honors and awards. Among other things, Clay Siegall is an author with over 70 publications, and he holds numerous patents. He claims that interaction with smart people in one’s area of expertise helps them learn so much. Additionally, he insists that preparing any business to collaborate with other industry leaders and innovators increases its chances of flourishing. As a result, his company has established alliances to expand its ADC technology and enable it to exploit new ideas and approaches in order to help as many patients as possible.

May 8 2017

Dr. Jennifer Walden Wants To Make Women Feel Beautiful

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a great person to talk to when women want to make themselves look their best. They can come to her office to make sure that they can get a consult that tells them what they can get done in every appointment. There are some people who are going to come to her office to learn how they can get results from their procedures.


Dr. Jennifer Walden makes it very easy for people make themselves look great when they have something about their bodies that they do not like. This is a thing that women can do right now when they come to see Dr. Jennifer, and they can pick from a lot of procedures that are going to help them look really good. A woman who is trying to make sure that she is going to look her best needs to make sure that she is talking to Dr. Jennifer about what she can do, and then a treatment plan is created so the woman knows what schedule she is on.


There are also people who are going to learn that they can get a special surgery that they might have thought was not possible. Dr. Jennifer does designer surgeries that are going to make people feel great, and she does these even though some of them might sound obscure. Dr. Jennifer wants women to find their inner diva, and they can only do that if they are talking to Dr. Jennifer about their needs regardless of how small or large they are.


Every woman who comes into the office is going to see that they can change the way they look and feel. These women will be able to change specific things about themselves, and then they will be able to show that there is a new woman underneath all the problems that have come up. Women want to look better, and they can feel better once they get the work done. A trip to see Dr. Jennifer can change a life, and it can bring a woman peace knowing that she has the exact body that she wants.

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May 7 2017

The Significant Participation of Clay B. Siegall in curing Cancer.

Clay B. Siegall is among the most accomplished professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. He has been leading various research undertakings that are focused on determining an idea cure for cancer. Clay is an alumnus of the George Washington University where he was awarded a Ph.D. in genetics. The scientist has co-founded a research and pharmaceuticals organization that is known as Settle Genetics, and he currently acts as its CEO and president. Since 1998, the firm has been focused on research, scientific creations, and development of improved drugs. Siegall has been leading the team of researchers who work at his company in the development of medications that can heal cancer. The company has successfully discovered several of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) that save the lives of cancer patients. Seattle Genetics’s first ADC was known as ADCETRIS®, and it got the approval of the FDA in 2011. The firm has managed to distribute the drug in over 65 countries by partnering with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company.


Seattle Genetics has different types of strategic licenses that are needed in the global manufacture and distribution of ADCs. The company’s main drugs are Genentech, AbbVie, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline. All these brands are currently sold across the globe, and they have earned Seattle Genetics more than $350 million. Siegall has led the company in manufacturing more than 20 ADCs using the great technology that it has developed. Seattle Genetics has also been producing its drugs externally by working with various pharmaceutical companies. Clay has developed outstanding financing strategies for the Seattle Genetics. The firm held its first public offering in 2001, and to date, it has raised more than $1.2 billion.


Clay Siegall had a long career before the founding of Seattle Genetics. He kicked off his profession by serving as a researcher at National Cancer Institute as from 1988. In 1991, Clay got another job at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and served the organization until 1997. Top corporations such as Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, BioPharmaceutica, and Washington Roundtable have appointed him to serve on their boards. Siegall has developed various drugs, and he holds more than 15 patents for his work.