May 25 2016

Communication through Security

Securus Technologies provides an interesting solution to the issue of communication for inmates within the United States prison system. An application recently created for mobile devices provides a video chat capability for inmates that is both safe and secure. The purpose of this video chat option is to allow inmates the ability to have visitations with loved ones through the application itself, so that time is not directly wasted on waiting for access to a visitation booth at the prison. This newly provided level of efficiency is not only easier and more comfortable for the inmate, but is also taking into consideration the time of the visitors seeing them. More detailed information about how this mobile visitation application functions can be found on the following link:
Securas Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas, and is reported by PR Newswire to be responsible for providing IT solutions to over a million incarcerated individuals across the country. The company provides useful services such as emergency response, inmate self service, information management and monitoring products to name a few. Not only do their services and products make life easier for those currently paying the price for crimes until their time is served, but they also create a much more secure and hospitable world for those in the outside world. More information on Securus America and the products and services they offer can be found at:

In a world where more and more individuals are finding themselves incarcerated for crimes there is need for more integrated forms of user friendly technology. Securus Technologies offers both inmates and their loved ones the chance to communicate more readily and efficiently through their video chat application. In order to take full advantage of this free service you can easily download the application on Google Play or the Apple Store.

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May 12 2016

Does Venezuela Have A Long-Term Energy Solution

State workers in Venezuela are finding their two-day work week getting an extension. The government of Venezuela is not doing this in order to help the employees enjoy a relaxing lifestyle. The time off is being ordered so electricity in the country can be saved.
The two-day work week is extended for 14 more days. The massive drought that has hammered Venezuela reduced the source of the hydroelectric power. Venezuela relies mainly on hydroelectric power, a source of power reliant on water reserves. Those reserves have to be replenished, something that is not happening in the drought situation.

Saving electricity and power is critical at this point because the ability to produce power has dropped down to near zero. Venezuela has taken many drastic measures to cut down on power usage because, at this point, the country is on the verge of collapse.

Blame for the situation is directed at many different entities says expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Levying blame really serves no purpose at this point. A better strategy would be to figure out what long-term steps to take. Cutting work days out of the week is a short-term strategy that slows the catastrophe, but it is not a real solution.

“Yes!” according to Dateas economic analysts, a short-term strategy has to be put into action to conserve what power is left. Without a clear long-term plan to address the next several years of Venezuela’s economic and domestic energy-related health, the country is never going to reverse its situation.

May 10 2016

Marc Sparks: a Successful Entrepreneur Full of Wisdom

Outrageous Success

Marc Sparks is a man who has experienced outrageous success on his journey of entrepreneurship. After he graduated high school in 1975, he had moved on and became a principal himself. This would be a principal in numerous startups – Outrageous success has been the outcome for this Austin, Texas high school graduate. He is an entrepreneur who has built and sold millions of dollars’ worth of self-made products. He is an individual who was born with an instinct. This is a keen instinct that has given him the ability to experience outrageous success as a “serial entrepreneur.”

A Passion

It is apparent that Marc Sparks is a man who has a passion to build companies. He quite often will build a company from an idea. These are ideas that other people or entrepreneurs do not believe in. The others do not think that it can be done. He is a person who will take an idea and then move forward to establish a business model. He will also establish a company culture – He will develop the culture along with long-range growth plans. Short-term goals are included within the planning. He is passionate when it comes to his belief in ideas. He is a can-do individual.

They Can’t Eat You

Marc Sparks is an author. He wrote the book (currently sold on Amazon), They Can’t Eat You. This is a story that will show every reader his unorthodox path that lead him to his own success – read more: Marc Sparks – President @ Timber Creek Capital. His book explains how a high school graduate with a C+ average moved on to become more than successful. This is a book that is filled with inspiration. He has shared his story about leaping and fighting his way to the top of the success mountain.

A Manager Who Leads by Example

Marc is not about dictatorship when it comes to his team. He is a manager who will set a pattern and then lead his team by example – Spark Tank DFW. He has an open-door policy. He keeps his door open. Resolving issues and concerns is accomplished with his leadership style.

Inspiration and Travel

Marc Sparks has traveled around the world. He believes that he can receive ideas and inspiration from his traveling adventures. Travel is a main source of inspiration for Marc Sparks.

May 4 2016

Crystal Hunt’s Is A Multi-Talented Star

Crystal Hunt is a successful actress, and has recently added producer to her list of credits. Hunt is best known for portraying the character Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light from 2003 to 2006. Crystal also played the role of Stacy Morasco from 2009 to 2010 on the daytime drama One Life to Live. Hunt also received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for her performance on Guiding Light.

Crystal Hunt started her career as a participant in pageants when she was just two years old. Her pageant talent was acting, even at this young age. Hunt has also appeared in several commercials, including a Walt Disney Company commercial to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary. Crystal Hunt also appeared in a commercial with *NSYNC for an anti-drug campaign.

In 2005, Crystal Hunt also appeared in the movie The Derby Stallion. She also starred in the Universal Pictures movie Sydney White as Demetria Hodgekiss in 2007. Hunt played Stacy Morasco for just one year on the soap opera One Life to Live, and in 2010, she played the ghostly version of her character. Crystal also appeared as the ghost of Stacy in Clint Buchanan’s vision of hell in 2012.

Aside from her acting experience, Crystal Hunt is also a photographer. She also produced her first movie, Talbot County in 2014, with her friend and fellow actor Dania Ramirez. Hunt also owned My Pets Dream Boutique, which was an ultra-fancy boutique in Clearwater Florida, her hometown. Check out her acting reel via YouTube to see a good summary of her body of work. Otherwise, Crystal’s soap opera history can be viewed on SoapOperaNetwork.

May 4 2016

The Role of The Search Fixers in your Internet Reputation Repair


One of the most essential systems for any business entity in the twenty first century is the need to have an online reputation management system. Essentially, the online reputation management oftenly abbreviated as ORM aids the company to communicate with its clients and respond to both negative and positive feedback from the customers of the company. Through the Online Reputation Management the company adopts, it ought to take the necessary changes to tailor the services or goods to the customers’ satisfaction. It also makes sure that it tracks malicious web posts by malicious people or competitors playing unfairly in the sector.

There are numerous reasons why many people advice people on the importance for a business to consider having online reputation management system for the betterment of its business and clients. One of the primary benefits of having an Online Reputation Management system in place for any business is that it is able to receive reviews from the clients who use their services. On the one hand, positive reviews will increase the number of clients who will have more confidence in the products issued by the company because of the reviews. On the other hand, when the company gets negative reviews, the online reputation management will respond to the dissatisfied customers and correct the issues that the clients had a problem with. This will enable the company avoid any future mistakes and enable customer satisfaction.

Another benefit of Online Reputation Management is that you can easily track down any negative reviews posted on another website by malicious people and control it before it destroys the company’s reputation and affect the revenues of the particular company.

One of the most effective online Reputation Management firms is The Search Fixers. The Search Fixers are involved in maintaining and controlling the reputation of any firm or company that hires them without the company going out of its way to try and manage its own reputation on the internet. They are highly qualified professionals who undertake this task. During this era of the internet, a company that has been around the block for many years can be destroyed by negative comment made by a disgruntled customer and can easily spread like wildfire and affect the success of the company. It also ensures that there is proper management of search results on websites that do product evaluations and ensure they don’t hurt such companies. The Search Fixers ensures that negative publicity doesn’t affect the reputation of the business before the negative publicity becomes uncontrollable.