February 25 2016

What’s Ahead in 2016 for New York Real Estate

In a recent New York Daily News article, eight predictions were given concerning the New York real estate market for 2016. Right out of the gate, it is forecast that selling a property within days of its listing are over. Buyers will be taking much longer to make decisions as they view contracts longer, asking for contingencies and demanding more from the seller. Not only that, but trending locations such as Queens and Brooklyn’s Pacific Street will be increasingly expensive even though there is pressure to reduce prices in light of the recent interest rate increase. Factor in the expectation of the baby boomer generation’s role as they downsize from their large suburban residences or seek a second space to be near their grandchildren.

Town Residential Real Estate has been a premiere player in the New York scene and has established itself as the foremost luxury real estate services firm in just five short years. Internally, the firm has such a uniquely exhilarating culture that it has ranked as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City. Even within the ever-changing landscape of New York real estate, the firm has been able to seamlessly execute best in class customer service by its team of representatives. Their executive leadership is heralded by CEO and Founder, Andrew Heiberger, who has been a successful serial entrepreneur and is a veteran in the N.Y. real estate industry.

Town’s knowledge of New York neighborhoods is unsurpassed, from Tribeca, Upper East Side, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea or Greenwich Village, harmonizing the client’s lifestyle with the perfect New York home takes more than a company that knows the rules of real estate, but also knows the nuances of New York living. Town is committed to guiding its clients through the entire search and financial transaction process, even providing a concierge service for corporate relocation personnel to assist with transition to the New York lifestyle and all its arts, culture and entertainment venues. With an impressive portfolio of past sales spanning every trending neighborhood in New York, Town Residential is the firm you can be confident will provide the very best in experience and knowledge for buying or leasing in New York.

February 1 2016

Securus Gives Back In a Big Way

Securus Technologies is the leading problem solver over of the criminal justice system in many prisons around Texas and other regions of the states. Securus has been of great help since it was founded in the year 1986 in Dallas, Texas. It has streamlined all the crooked ways of many prisons and also has made easy the lives of many prisoners through initiating programs like self-service inside the prisons. The technological advancement of Securus has made it easier for many prison agencies especially in handling criminals who are staying there for long terms.

Securus has also been conducting donation campaigns, a campaign known as United Way campaign that has been focusing on making more donations and contribution to curbing poverty in many communities and making the life conducive in many of those communities. The donations target improved health services, good nutrition, and wellbeing and also education. Securus understand that givers receive more, but their most important aspect is security. To my understanding criminal cases are high in poverty stricken areas and by its united way campaign Securus is lowering the rates of poverty in the communities and increasing their rate of safety.

A new communication program known as Video visitation has been initiated in Securus for inmate communication of criminals from correction agencies to their families. Securus continue to enhance the connection of the prisoners with their family. The requirements are you the relative of the inmate, friend or colleague to sign up at Securus website. The application is available in the Google play store for installation to the device to be used in communication. Video Visitation will allow families to speak more with their relatives in prison than the face to face visits. It will also increase the safety of many prisoners. There is no point that you will get locked down completely as you will have chances to reschedule the video chat. It is also less expensive.

More to the technology at Securus an inmate phone calls systems for prisoner which are a great connection to them. The system known as AdvanceConnect allows people to speak with the prisoners regularly by only making an advance payment of about 25 dollars which is rechargeable after it gets over. Advance Connect puts you in control of your spending, and you can also receive calls from the correction agency where your relative is in. Calls will not only connect to your personal mobile but also to your office phone and even the house telephone.

AdvanceConnect as a strategy will even protect inmates from the crooked ones who get drugs and other harmful substances into the corrections through allegedly close alliances.