January 27 2016

Sergio Cortes Rises against Odds to Be Michael’s Greatest Impersonator.

When Michael was performing in the famous Jackson Five shows, he never knew that he was inspiring the life of new artist miles away. That young artist has grown to replace him after his demise and carry his memories. The king of pop was perhaps inspired several other artists in their career. There are very few who successfully followed his success path. Sergio Cortes says it has taken him hard work and determination to achieve his dream.


Michael made a legacy that lives among his fans even today. As famous as he was, he had numerous imitators. Sergio rose against the odds to top the list. He was born in Spain. Sergio is 43 years old. In comparing to his American role model Michael, the two can be told the in two different worlds by the time Sergio started his career.


Currently, Sergio has performed in numerous shows around the world in the tribute to Jackson. Michael would certainly be proud of him for the work he is doing to carry on his memories. In an interview published in dino.com, Sergio notes that the death of Michael Jackson was a big blow to him. He performs to overcome that grief and also entertain Michael’s fans


Unlike other impersonators of Michael Jackson, Sergio is unique. He has a great resemblance to Michael. His voice and looks are very similar. The king of pop lived a very flashy lifestyle, so is Sergio. He has joined a talent developing company in Italy to empower young artist to develop their skills. Sergio passes the inspiration from Michael to his young artist followers. He shares with them in a Facebook page and Twitter.


Sergio also keenly follows Michael’s life. He continually updates his fans on developing stories concerning Michael. In an interview with diretoenegocious.com, Sergio disclosed that Michael’s gloves were sold $ 20000. The gloves were sold alongside other Michaels personal assets like the painting. According to Sergio, Michael’s gloves were auctioned for a value of $402,000 fetching the highest value. Although the latest auction was incomparable to the first, it was still impressive.


Michael was mostly seen wearing one glove during his performances. He argued there was no need for one to wear two gloves while one can still wear one. According to Cortes, Michael wore the glove performing his famous show the moonwalk.

January 14 2016

The Humble Beginnings of Marcio Alaor

A recent article made available on the exame.com website provided insight into the success of Marcio Alaor. According to the article, an event was held that helped to make known that Alaor had humble beginnings. Many people attended the 33rd Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte, which gave a platform for individuals to celebrate the success of Marico Alaor and to give an account of their relationship and encounter with him.

As a young boy, Marcio provided services to various individuals by cleaning their shoes. As shoe shine boy, he was taught at an early age that if he wanted something he had to work hard for it. In addition to learning the importance of working hard, he also gained valuable lessons from Dr.Wilmar. Dr. Wilmar is a former friend that helped to guide Alaor on the road to greatness. With help of the teachings of Dr. Wilmar, Marcio learned to always seek knowledge, to grown, study, and explore the world. Equipped with such information, Marcio has been able to transform in the successful man that he is today.

Though Marcio is a successful businessman, the statement that he made in an interview really showed that he understands what is really important in life. According to reports, Marcio revealed that valuing friendships and relationships is important. He even noted that obtaining and cultivating such relationships was a task that is to be place in front of making money. He acknowledges that without such friendships and relationships he probably would not be in the position he is today. Marcio has made known that his friends helped to keep him encourage and made it possible for him to see his abilities.

Marcio concluded the ceremony with a touching speech that revealed how he felt about the city. The speech made known that he believes that the city can be great and that it has much potential. His speech informed those in attendance that their city is able to cultivate and create talented individuals that have the ability to be as successful as he is. He encouraged those in attendance to believe in the success of humility of their city.

Marcio Alaor is name that is well known throughout Brazil. He is currently Vice President of the BMG Bank. As vice president he has made many contributions to the country and to the success of the bank.

The addition of Alaor to the BMG has allowed the Bank to branch off into other industries. Today the BMG is one of the biggest sponsors of Brazilian football. This sponsorship allows BMG to have noticeable logos on the sponsored player’s uniforms which helps to increase their notoriety.

You can follow him on Twitter.

January 2 2016

Shopping Easy with Visual Image Search Technology

Through the use of technology, people can do so much. Shopping is one aspect that has seen incredible revolution due to technology like the internet. People can now get whatever they need from online retail stores. Tech advances continue to change the phenomena of online shopping, and one of the most recent is image recognition search. According to an article originally on MIT Technology Review; Pinterest, a social networking site, and Shoes.com, a footwear store, are currently testing out the technology.

Deep Learning

The visual application makes use of deep learning technology, which relies on the ability of software to recognize images. Deep learning features a software that can pick similar characteristics of an image from the billions of pins that users post online.

Users can search for similar images by zooming in on the reference image. One test that showed the effectiveness of the tool was a search for a coffee maker that yielded results of visually similar products. New users to Pinterest are now getting a taste of the new technology.

In addition to the visual search on technologyreview, Pinterest also makes it possible for items to appear with buy buttons. If you have the intention of purchasing a product from the similar visual results, you just have to click on the button.

Enhanced Technology

It isn’t the first time that a company is trying out image search technology. There have been attempts to give shoppers easy ways of finding what they need. One example is Amazon with their Fire smartphone in 2014. Google also has something similar that entails buyers getting visually similar products when they search on the site. Buying Like.com in 2010 allows Google to provide the feature. Unlike Pinterest and Shoes.com, users cannot highlight a particular section of an image.

Shoes.com is taking a different angle on visual search with the use of image processing. AI startup Sentient is the developer of the technology in use. The first test run is on the “women’s boot section” of Shoes.com. The design of the software allows it to understand images, which makes it easy to shop.

Shopping with Slyce

Slyce is an application that is currently available to retailers for visual image recognition. Shoppers can use the tool to search for products by snapping a photo or making use of existing ones. With product recognition capacities, buyers can take advantage of Slyce to get the desired items.

The visual image search tool is available for desktop computers and mobile device users. It is now possible to capture an image from anywhere and use it to find similar products.