December 9 2015

The Many Flavors of Beneful

Feeding a good high-quality dog food to my pet is important to me. I want to make sure she is getting all the nutrients she needs to keep up with me on my morning runs and when we play. My dog is my best friend and I want her to healthy.

I choose to feed her Beneful, a complete line of dog foods from Purina. The Purina company has been around for a long time, over a hundred years. They are dedicated to manufacturing the best pet foods on the planet. Millions of dollars have been invested in research into the nutrients our pets’ need and have put all those results in Beneful.

Beneful comes in a lot of different flavors. For comfort food there is are the stews. Made with real beef, and chicken they also have carrots, peas, and barley in them. The real meat is important on because it provides protein which is needed to build strong muscles. The vegetables give my pet the vitamins and antioxidants she needs to stay healthy.

Sometimes we’re just in the mood for some a little international. For those nights, we can choose between the Tuscan, Romana, or Mediterranean Style Medley recipes. The Tuscan combines beef with carrots, rice, and spinach while the Romana has chicken and pasta. The Mediterranean has lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach.

The Roasted Turkey Medley of Beneful on smells so good I want to try it. Along with the turkey, there is corn, wild rice, barley, and peas. Some people say that feeding dogs anything other than meat is wrong. Research has proven that modern dogs need vegetables and grains in their diets just as much as we humans do. Not only do they provide those important vitamins and antioxidants, vegetables are an important source of minerals and carbohydrates for quick energy.

Beneful is also available as a dry kibble. The dry food is still made from all the quality ingredients as the moist foods. I usually leave a fresh bowl of kibble out each morning so my dog can eat whenever she is hungry, and give her a pouch of wet food for dinner each night. The dry foods are also available for the different life stages of our pets Puppies need more of certain nutrients than adult dogs, and senior dogs have their own dietary requirements.

Right now my dog is finishing off a bag of the Playful Life flavor. This recipe has real beef and egg for lots of protein and even has blueberries. Each serving, like all of Beneful’s flavors, contains all the recommended daily nutrients our pets needs.

December 1 2015

Feeding and Care of Your Senior Pets

Senior Dog Food equip your pet with all the essentials needed for continued playful, healthy, senior years. Beneful has prepared meals, especially for the senior pets in your life.

Beneful Prepared Meals – Such as Chicken Stew with Rice, Beef Stew with Veggies, and Savory Rice and Lamb Stew. These are completely balanced nutritional meals designed for the health and activity level of senior pets. Superb ingredients prepared with the added nutrients needed to maintain healthy eyes, skin, coat, and bones. Nutrients added to the diet include all the supplements required for an active senior life.

Evo (In Serving Containers) – A grain-free ancestral diet with the lowest carbohydrates combined in this senior formula for dogs 6-years and older. EVO is made with Turkey and Chicken. A senior dry dog food that is high in protein and low carbohydrates containing NO grains. Beneful knows that as dogs age in years their protein needs increase. Included in this high-protein diet are the antioxidants that help support the immune system. Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate is added to support the joint movement and L-carnitine that supports your pet’s health during the senior years.

Canned Meals -Are also grain-free with 95% Chicken and Turkey in moist bite-size pieces with vegetables included for added nutrition. The canned meals contain the same nutritional ingredients that are included in the prepared container meals. All meals are nutritionally balanced for the age and activity level of the dog. The meals from walmart are also available in Red Meat Small Bite-Size too.

Treats – Treats that make your dog think they’re special. These are more than snacks as they are identified as Healthy Smile Treats that help reduce Plaque and Tartar buildup on their teeth while leaving their breath fresh. The treats come with a soft meaty center covered in parsley for fresh scented breath, or tasty peanut butter flavored for that taste they love, also covered in a parsley coating. Included in these snacks are additional nutrients for their body and come in a variety of sizes, small medium and large for any size pet.

Beneful cares about the health of your pet and plays a big part in the maintenance and continued energy level of every pet.