September 25 2015

Doe Deere: Brains, Beauty and Business Sense

Cosmetics line owner and creative businesswoman Doe Deere (who also goes by Xenia), has shown the world that even in the face of challenges, she refuses to be negative. She’s the owner of the beauty brand Lime Crime, and makeup enthusiasts everywhere are waiting to see what she’ll come up with next.

Lime Crime has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and was even featured in an issue of Nylon magazine. A number of beauty bloggers have also raved about the bold lipstick and eyeshadow colors in the cosmetic line. The names of the makeup in the Lime Crime line also have cool names like Candyfuture (lipstick) and Magic Dust (eyeshadow), which makes consumers even more interested.

Although some bloggers have made disparaging comments about Lime Crime and questioned the ingredients, Doe Deere handles this with positivity and poise. Many of the people who admire Xenia’s brand are intrigued by the way she wears her makeup, and by the way the colors stand out on a variety of skin tones. The bright pink packaging of the makeup makes it eye-catching and immediately interesting, so there aren’t many bloggers and makeup lovers who wouldn’t want to at least give it a try.

There’s no denying that Doe Deere is fascinating, and she’s got the style and creativity to back it up. She’s willing to talk openly about both her challenges in life and in the business world, while being unapologetic about her passion and desire to make her mark in the beauty industry.

Deere states that, for the most part, she’s been getting lots of positive feedback about her Lime Crime line. She also states that she realizes that the majority of her support is coming from a small group of people. These fans ban together to tackle the negativity that surfaces about Doe Deere on blogs all over the Internet. There’s also a theory going around that Doe Deere is writing these negative comments herself in order to bring more attention to her brand. However, that’s not likely, since attacking one’s own brand could never be seen as good business. Xenia has vehemently denied that she’s the one behind the negative comments, just to set the record straight.

So, it looks like we can expect lots more from Doe Deere in the new future. Her photo shoots, outlandish perceptions of makeup and creative spin on what it means to be beautiful can serve as an inspiration to women everywhere.

September 24 2015

Chinese Buyers Dipping For Fortunes in Brooklyn Real Estate

NYC real estate elites of Town Residential are encouraging the spirit of excitement from foreign apartment investors. All foreign luxury market lookers are encouraged and China’s usually careful with the price point players are showing New York locations the money. Surprisingly, though, Chinese investors are not biting at the heart of the Big Apple, whose core buying market is always in high demand. The eastern nation buyers, known for their shyness over price point, is nibbling at the outer regions of the Big Apple, and are betting their off the beaten track investments will yield them high future gains in unique spaces.

In an article on The Real Deal (TRD), an online shot caller that features high-end homebuyer trends, developers describe why cautious buyers are now willing to risk wads of straight cash in previously sketchy nabes. Founder and CEO of Simon Baron Development, Johnathan Simon, explains that the city has “cleaned up tremendously” and is now “the safest big city in America” Of course, this “makes a huge difference” for investors, Simon explains.

TRD’s Shanghai forum guest developers were very outspoken on where they see trends leading and how best for foreign buyers to position themselves for success.

Andrew Heiberger, of Town Residential, a real estate services firm and hub for New York’s leading luxury real estate agents, spoke with years of experience from dealing in hot housing markets. He spoke as a visionary saying, “Brooklyn…it’s the next great city.” Stephen Kliegerman of Halstead Property Development Marketing cautioned the price point sensitive to show up “with a lot of cash reserves” in order to not be edged out by even more sensitive state side foreign financing rules.

Heiberger aimed confidence towards Chinese buyers by assuring “great protection is afforded for consumers” under the Real Estate Board of New York and the New York Attorney General, both of which assure regulated and transparent brokerage rules. Town Residential’s leadership is well known for its outstanding service.

September 23 2015

Career Planning Tips

There are many easy ways that can set you up for a great career for a lifetime on your own. But many people still need that little hand-holding when it comes to showing them the right direction. And there is nothing wrong with that. This is one such area of life where professional help can be indispensable. Professional help for career planning can also come handy when you want a second opinion about your career choice. As you finish your education and start a career that is based off that education, such an advice becomes absolutely essential, since many decisions you will be facing during that career are easy to meet up.

There are thousands of people passing themselves as career advisers today. But very few actually seem to be knowing what they are doing. Anyone can call himself a career planner or career adviser. There are no education, experience or other requirements for using such terms. However, being a career planner isn’t enough to draw customers. People who want to offer advice, although not legally required to do so, cannot proceed unless they have what it takes to be a sound career planner. They can sell you their services, but that will come out as a poorly performing overpriced one. Sometimes there is more at stake when you are just providing what such career planners are demanding. What you need to do is approach a reliable career planner after thorough scrutiny of the subject and reviews. You shouldn’t assume that someone who works for a technology company is necessarily well-educated about all careers in technology. Many times, the only education they have received is about one product that their company sells. If they haven’t taken it upon themselves to learn more about technology career, they may as well have no idea what they are talking about.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a well-known business executive and former chief executive officer of Juniper Networks. He is also a popular career adviser according to many people who have pursued technology. Shaygan is a living example of what a good education and passion can do to a person in a lifetime. From being a geek during high-school to taking up managerial positions in various companies, Shaygan Kheradpir followed his interest in technology, taught many others about it and made a name for himself. He worked in the tech field for more than two decades and brought many positive changes in those companies as well.

Likewise, someone who is a career adviser should also have proven track record to show to the clients. Certified career planners usually go through a comprehensive education process, pass tough tests and get real-time experience in the career they teach. A true career planner is compensated not only by the fees that clients pay but contributions made to his or her choice of career. Those smart, ethical and competent planners are members of National Association for Career Planning and has strict schedules as well. You will want to find a planner who has many clients like you.

September 21 2015

A New Social Networking App

Android apps are becoming more popular by the day. The functionality of using mobile apps is increasing along with the increasing use of smart phones around the globe. Indeed, as smart phones have become more advanced so has the quality of apps available.

Social networking apps are used to meet new friends and stay in contact or follow old friends. Social networking apps can be tailored to meet your unique interest. These apps can be used to build social networks using a number of filters such as similar interests, activities, backgrounds or other connections.

Skout is a social networking app for Android. The app allows users to find people nearby that are seeking to chat via the app or otherwise connect. The app has a dual-pane layout that’s that allows users to navigate with swipe gestures. This design feature makes the app fairly easy to to use to search through local singles, check messages from other users, and receive notifications on who has viewed your profile.

The main navigation page shows a grid of Skout user profile photos which show names and whether the user is online or offline. The navigation page can be customized to grid or which can alternatively be laid out in a list format. Tapping each one goes to a more detailed profile with their latest status update, photo album (with comment section), proximity, and other information. From there, you can send winks, chat requests, or add users to your favorites.

Skout’s profile fields are limited to age, ethnicity, height, and a free-form About Me field. From the mobile app, you can check a few options from a limited list of interests and your body type, though those things can’t be used as search criteria for some reason. This seriously limits the utility of finding people with similar goals or interests as you (though you can narrow results by rough proximity, age, gender and ethnicity).

Like most dating apps, a lot of the extras hinge on in-app purchases. The Points system can be used to see which other users have marked you as a favorite, see who’s checked you out, give virtual gifts, promote your profile for higher visibility, and a few other features. Points can also be earned by inviting Facebook friends to sign up or downloading and installing promoted apps.

Skout also hosts chat features, though the group chat rooms in the web version aren’t on mobile – not that most folks are interested in talking with 20 random strangers from around the world. The main menu is accessible from just about everywhere, and gives quick access to the latest updates on the network, view your favorites, edit your profile, and see the latest posts on the Skout blog.

September 15 2015

Success for James Dondero and Highland Capital Management

Hard Work, Perseverance and intelligent risk taking. Those are the attributes that have successfully brought James Dondero and Highland Capital Management a long way from the credit crisis of 2008. Dondero and his partner, Mark Okada gambled that a hedge fund with a specialty of packaging high-yield bank loans into securities in the form of collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), would be successful, a gamble that the credit crisis almost doomed. The low point came in 2008, when Highland suspended investor withdrawals from two ailing hedge funds and saw its total assets drop to $23 billion from the 2007 high of $39 billion.

In the ensuing years Highland, under James Dondero, has restored its reputation, with an eye to a long term strategy of working through its issues without a bailout. Fighting off numerous lawsuits, some of which were personal in nature, paying off debts or taking a stake in borrowers, and venturing into new areas such as Brazil and Argentina, Dondero has worked tirelessly and has been able to keep a steady course regardless of the difficulties. His efforts to save spooked investors from themselves by convincing them to stay the course alone are admirable, and had to have been very difficult.

Work is the operative word here. From dealing with investors who practically had to be saved from themselves to revamping investment strategies to the recent successful lawsuit against Credit Suisse Group AG, (Credit Suisse Group AG was ordered to pay Highland Capital Management LP $287.5 million for losses on a $540 million refinancing of a shaky real estate development.) James Dondero has never taken the easy way in any of the problems facing Highland since the 2008 meltdown that claimed so many other hedge funds.

Highland now has $21.7 billion in assets and an excellent reputation, a long way from the days when Dondero is quoted as saying: “Our name was mud.” No one is saying that now. The Dallas based hedge-fund is among the best in terms of reputation and profitability.

In a deliberate re-branding effort, the firm moved from the northern suburbs to new offices closer to Dallas’s downtown financial district, in part, according to Patrick Boyce, COO, because “It made sense to really have a rebirth of Highland, we want to make sure the world almost sees us as a new firm.”

Almost a new firm, an old fashioned work ethic and refusal to do things the easy way. Intelligent risk taking. It is exhausting to even contemplate the work and commitment it took for Dondero and his partner, Okado, to bring Highland all the way from the losses of 2008 to the success it enjoys today.

Any venture James Dondero undertakes in the future will be a good bet for investors. They at least can be assured it will get the effort, hard work and commitment to investors required to succeed. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here, I doubt very much that this energetic man will be resting on his laurels.

September 12 2015

A Real Estate Giant: Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development LLC operates in the real estate industry but has its main focus on real estate services. They deal with property management, real estate development and sales/marketing. They don’t work alone, they will partner with architects, contractors and financial institutions in order to get the work done.

When it comes to real estate development, the company planted its roots when its founder Omar Boraie answered the siren calls of real estate. It started in 1985 in New Brunswick on 120 Albany Street where the company still has its headquarters. Omar decided to build a two-tower commercial building near the corner of Spring Street. It felt more of a gamble when he started out but the company has now grown to astronomical heights.

Back in 2005, they started building two condominiums developments in New Brunswick. They were going to be super-high-end. The architects they partnered with, Costas Kondylis& Partners, is known to have done all of Donald Trump’s buildings in New York. These condos were going to be for who’s who in that area.

Despite the development in New Brunswick being painstaking slow, influential private firms such as Boraie are redrawing the residential and commercial landscape of the place. They have The Aspire, a 17 story residential high-rise luxurious building that has 238 studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments that will have superior service offerings including a 24-hour doorman and onsite management. This was a $77.2 million project. But they are not done, in the next 12-18 months they plan to break ground on Albany Street near the train station hoping to attract innovative tech and biological science firms that would benefit from the proximity to Rutgers.
Boraie is also making big waves in Atlantic City. Having participated in the Atlantic development at the Atlantic City Convention earlier this year, Wasseem Boraie, the Vice President of Boraie Development, announced that the company would begin to work on a 250-unit apartment complex.

They are also involved in community work in Atlantic City. They partnered with the former NBA superstar, Shaq O’Neal and committed $25,000 towards the Atlantic City Boys and Girls Club. The club which had been closed had a debt of $150,000. Aaron Randolph, the City Councilman, reached out to Wasseem Boraie and asked for their commitment. Boraie Development, hoped that this would therefore see other investors coming to the aide of this Club.

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September 11 2015

Susan McGalla – Playing the True Value Card

Susan McGalla is a true believer that a child’s early development has a tremendous influence on his/her future personal and professional life. One of the factors, as well, is a good education and stable society in which he or she lives. Staying true to your early age ideals and never forgetting them is as important as the presentation and the package you are offering based on your experience.
I was blessed to be brought up in a family of two older brothers and a father who worked as a football coach. Learning through games and competing pushed me further, so I have sucessfuly finished my studies at Mount Union College in business and marketing. I have never encountered the situation where my colleagues looked at me as a woman, but always as a proven professional, which was a long journey full of hardships.
I now support Magee Woman’s Hospital, dealing with all sorts of women health issues, and Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Mellon University, Speaker Series for CEOs. My good fortune and the circumstances I have faced on the way to be able to call myself successful in our society made me think deeply about what we lack the most, so I wanted to help other women who haven’t been so blessed to carry on and realize themselves.
Knowing the male logic, I started with male clothes and now, when I am financially independent, I can say I do clothes for the young people of America. Susan McGalla on crunchbase want to make them understand that the eagle presented on our emblem signifies freedom with a close look of what is below.
It is alright to make an empire and earn a lot of money if you have support, you are both competent and well-adapted, but the point is what you are going to do with that money and whether or not you are going to exploit it for good causes. My main concern is to encourage our children and women in need to feel free to explore their potentials and that they should aspire to the fulfillment of both their responsibilities and enjoyment. Responsibilities are to stay true to ourselves on a curvy road and enjoyment should be in small things, which are usually free if you only look around you. Instead of looking at your phone, tablet or PC, go out and play with your best friend or have a coffee with your girlfriend. The world looks the way you perceive it.
I only look at the present, with a short look behind my shoulder and a big dream ahead about what I am yet to accomplish in the future in terms of leaving a positive mark and affecting the minds of those who are about to succeed us and who are our only true belonging.

September 9 2015

Ways to Remain Competitive in the Investment Banking Industry

Banking has always offered an extremely lucrative but volatile career. If investment banking is your preferred choice, you should consider the long-term benefits of the career. At the same time, it is best if you can analyze and understand the challenges that most investment bank employees face 10 to 15 years down the line.

Some of the ways to fit in the investment banking career of the future according to JPMorgan report are learning to code, building external relationships and understanding internal politics, and learning to be irreplaceable.

The best way to get to code is to get acquitted with technology since the future of the investing banking career lies in technology. Many established banks in the United States are already undergoing a sort of “technical revolution”. They are automating various investments banking processes to stay competitive.

Also, since it is impossible to escape from internal politics, one has to play with the bureaucracy by building effective relationships with clients and understanding the internal politics. It is suicidal to offer impartial advice to clients, so one need to cross-sell, and the core duty is to sell the financial capacities of the bank.

Apart from adopting technology for various processes, offshoring and near-shoring certain banking processes is vital. Many big bracket investment banking firms such as Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank outsource certain processes to centers where the cost of hiring employees and the cost of operation is considerably less than the main centers. Looking into the current profile and finding out skills that cannot be off-shored and cultivating that skill to be irreplaceable in an investment firm is of utmost importance.

Kenneth Griffin has emerged one of the most respected professionals in the investment banking industry because he understands how to survive in the career. He is a high profile figure in the financial world and the CEO of Citadel LLC, a prominent hedge fund in Chicago. In his own words, people who need to survive must know the odds in the industry and how to survive them to fit in the investment banking career of the future.

Griffin began investing during his first year at Harvard University after reading and getting inspired by a Forbes magazine article. He started a hedge fund centered on convertible bond arbitrage during his second year at the university. Griffin actively supports educational causes and serves on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Education Trust. He is also an active member of many organizations such as the Economic Club of Chicago and the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago. He has been in the investment banking career for more than 20 years and has appeared many times in Forbes’ Forbes 400 as the Chief Executive Officer of Citadel. He was the youngest self-made individual on the list at 34 during his first appearance in 2003. Griffin has been recognized for providing lucrative perks such as fitness programs, museum tours, and free lunch to employees and implementing a collaborative work culture.

September 4 2015

Yeonmi Park’s Book, In Order to Live

Yeonmi Park is a name synonymous with freedom from the oppression and struggles that plague the people of North Korea. At a young age, her family had to run for their lives. Her family was staring at death in the face, and it was time for them to leave their country.

Her journey in the struggle for freedom and survival in arguably the most repressive country on earth is the inspiration behind her upcoming book, In Order to Live. The book is a real life story of a young girl’s journey from her narrow escape to South Korea through to her current life as a Human rights activist.

The book highlights her quest for freedom from her country of birth where the regime has airtight controls over its citizens. Everything from what you do, what you say, even where you go is controlled by the government. The country’s rule is a dictatorship and is plagued by forced poverty.

In Order to Live is more than just an inspiring story for North Korean refugees. The book is based on one’s ability to overcome even the most horrific and hopeless circumstances through love and a resilient spirit. Park mentions how she has learned, through her experiences, to love others and that she is willing to die for them.

Park’s early life.

Yeonmi Park was born on October 4, 1993, to a family of privilege in the North Korean city of Hyesan. Things were relatively fine until her father, a prominent civil servant, was arrested for illegal trade. The arrest led to the family’s suffering that later became a battle against starvation. They were later forced to escape through China and then Mongolia before finally achieving their dreams of freedom in South Korea.

Today Yeonmi Park is an internationally recognized human rights activist. Since her escape, she has spoken in numerous interviews and written publicly about her life in North Korea. She also volunteers for activist programs and is a member of a non-profit organization that rescues North Korean refugees hiding in China.

Follow her on Facebook for updates about her current life in Seoul.

Her fame and rise to celebrity status can largely be attributed to her story of escape told at well-known events such as the One Young World summit in Dublin, the TEDx, and the Oslo Freedom Forum. She also worked as a co-host of the podcast show, North Korea Today. The show discusses the life of North Korean refugees after their escape as well as other topics related to the country.

Following the release of a video by North Korean state media, Park refuted claims that her father didn’t defect and that he died of cancer in North Korea. She considers the leadership of Kim Jong-Un to be cruel and oppressive for continuing the abuse on its people.

September 3 2015

Susan McGalla Prospers In The Business World

Susan McGalla has been the talk this year round and if, in any case you have not heard of her, it is a pity. It might be that you are not conversant with what is happening in the current world, let alone in the 21st century. Here is what you should know about her and the rise of business women in the financial world. Susan McGalla is a woman to be reckoned, just like Hillary Clinton, the Former Secretary of State, Sheryl Sandberg’s and Oprah Winfrey. There are more of such women who have been in the spotlight and made it to the top in their careers and are still thriving to achieve more. From these, you have a slight glimpse of what such ladies have.

Women across the world are pummeling the glass ceilings and showcasing their effectiveness as leaders mostly in the business world. Some women have made it to the top as it is evident above, but others are still lagging behind wandering for ways to accomplish their goals. What Susan McGalla has gone through to attain her stature can be an eye opener to others who are still on the rise. Going through other successful women’s biographies can inspire your motives to take you where you aspire to be in life.

Susan McGalla is a business woman cum executive consultant hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, a professional consultant to prominent financial persons on talent management, marketing, operational efficiencies, branding and talent management. Her firm targets a diverse range of brand, supply chain, creative and organizational development for clients in the retail industry and other sectors. She has had a golden opportunity to share her ideologies on techniques of remaining goal-oriented and achieving greater heights to a vast audience such as the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.

McGalla has focused much on establishing an inspirational corporate structure in the various companies she has worked for. She started working for Joseph Horne Company back in 1986 all through to 1994. To be precise, her career kicked off when she joined American Eagle in late 1994. At that time, the company was male dominated with no women holding any executive positions. She portrayed an exemplary career full of hard work and lack of ambiguity through different management positions she held. She rose to prominence in the company and became the chief merchandising officer and president American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

Susan McGalla later joined Wet Seal Inc. Where she served as its chief executive officer. Over the years, McGalla has taken control of her career making her a top insider from Wall Street on the skills about the intricacies of the retail and fashion industries. She has earned the credit of her impressive career due to hard work, versatility and passion for what she undertook. Another irresistible factor that has been essential to her success is her lack of gender comparison that has made her do what she can do best without considering its gender notion.