February 12 2015

The Collaboration of Swift and West


What everyone has been talking about is the possible collaboration of Taylor Swift and Kanye West. These two appeared to patch things up during the Grammy Awards show this year.

There are pictures of the two talking and connecting with one another stated Wikiinvest.com. West told Ryan Seacrest that Taylor did want to get into the studio and do some work with him thinks Susan McGalla. This would be a good thing for him since Kanye has had a bad relationship – at least in public – with Taylor Swift since the MTV awards show where he upstaged her. Everyone remembers that moment, but no one ever remembers Kanye and his return to apologize. He has never even made an effort to reach out to Taylor so the possibility of work between them is huge news.

Since that awkward night at the MTV awards both stars have done quite well in their own genres, but they have done what many artists cannot do. These are artists that have managed to somehow crossover into different music streams. Taylor has abandoned country, picked up pop and even spread to some urban stations with songs like “Shake It Off.” Kanye has stayed with hip hop, but he made managed to break into mainstream music with collaborations with Paul McCartney and Daft Punk. This would be the perfect time for both of them to go into the studio and make that crossover magic.

February 10 2015

Scott Hall’s Inspiring Comeback Story


Scott Hall was on a dark and depressing road for the longest time. Zeca Oliveira told me that In his time, Scott Hall was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Hall made a name for himself in the WWE. He wrestled under the stage name, Razor Ramon. As Razor Ramon, Scott Hall participated in some of the best matches of all time. Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 10 will always be remembered. Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels participated in the first and best ladder match of all time.

Scott Hall then went to the WCW for more money, and his presence was immediately felt. Hall formed the NWO with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan. The NWO became the biggest thing in wrestling. Scott Hall made millions of dollars in the WCW, but the good times would not last forever.

Scott Hall became a drug addict, and an alcoholic. Hall battled with demons for a long time, and his closest friends were all very worried about him. Scott Hall was ready to die, but in 2013, something amazing happened. A wrestling colleague named Diamond Dallas Paige saved Scott Hall’s life. Paige invited Scott Hall to live with him. Diamond Dallas Paige rehabilitated Scott Hall. Hall no longer drinks or takes drugs.

Soon after Scott Hall became sober, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Diamond Dallas Paige took a broken man, and returns him to his former glory. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

February 5 2015

John Textor and the Importance of Innovation

The film industry has survived for ages but every once in a while, a visionary and a pioneer comes along who changes the dynamics of this industry. In recent times, that person has been John Textor. Anyone familiar with his works would know that John Textor’s focus on innovation is the main reason why he has achieved so much success. Innovation without direction is often useless and John Textor has managed to balance innovation with tradition to achieve goals that were considered to be impossible before. Here are a few things that John Textor has taught the world about the importance of innovation –

• Not Just A Luxury But Important For Survival – A lot of people consider innovation a luxury and this is true for all industries, whether it is business or films. However, John Textor has ensured that innovation becomes a prerequisite to survival. Innovation stems from creativity and art dies when creativity doesn’t exist. He has proven that innovation is not just essential for people focusing on luxury but is a survival tool in this dynamic and competitive day and age. Without innovation, industries become stagnant as they do just enough to survive. On the other hand, with innovation, industries become constantly moving and they improve at a great pace.

• Globalization Demands Innovation – It was under the leadership of John Textor that the movie – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – achieved such success. Because of globalization, the world has shrunk and competition has become stiff. Things that were previously considered good or even brilliant are just average now. Because of John Textor’s innovation, Benjamin Button’s character was prevented from being just average and was transformed to something so much more. Even as a digital character, it had more life than any real actor could ever manage.

• Achieving Success One Can Only Dream – All professionals dream of success but only few actually get it. Innovation is a difficult road but it comes with guaranteed success. However, that is not the reason why John Textor pursued innovation. He pursued it for the sheer pleasure of creating something that no one had thought of. This is the main reason why he is hailed in the industry as a visionary.

There is a lot people from all industries can learn from John Textor. His ideas on thinking out of the box can be used for betterment and advancement in all professions and fields.