January 26 2015

Lupe Fiasco vs. Kid Cudi

Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi were once cool. Those days appear to be over. The two have apparently been going back and forth on Twitter over some childish stuff. The Twitter beef sparked attention because both rappers rang in the same circles as Kanye West at one time.

Some time in 2014 Lupe Fiasco send out tweets to fans saying that he would write lyrics for people that they could claim as their own. He was basically going to ghost write and sell lyrics for $500. Flavio Maluf says this is why he normally sticks to LinkedIn. Kid Cudi made about comment to Lupe where he asked Lupe what he was planning to do with the money. It was something of a cheap shot. It was almost as if Kid Cudi was implying that Lupe was broke and needed the money.

This led to a moment on “Sway in the Morning,” the hip hop morning show, where Lupe mentioned Kid Cudi followed by some expletives. This Twitter beef that seemed almost comical now seems a tad bit serious. It is very bizarre because these two have been friends. They are both from Chicago, and neither one of them has been known for being a tough guy. Lupe has always painted himself as the anti-thug underdog in the rap game. Kid Cudi is something of a one-hit wonder that has roamed around the entertainment industry doing more singing than rapping. It’s a weak hip hop grievance.

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January 26 2015

Lil’ Wayne To Sue Bird Man

The drama between Lil’ Wayne and Cash Money Records has intensified, because Wayne is now planning on suing Bird Man, who is also his mentor. Lil’ Wayne has been with Cash Money since he was a teenager, and Bird Man is very close to him. Lil’ Wayne Lawsuit. After denying the release of “The Carter V,” Wayne became very distraught with his record label, and threatened to leave. In turn for threatening to leave the label, Bird Man threatened to sue Wayne. Wayne is currently under contract, and cannot leave the label at will.

Although Wayne has been complaining about the label for a couple months now, he’s stopped complaining, and he’s about to sue.  According to bloomberg.com, rumors are flying that he will be suing Bird Man for $8 million, as well as a release from his contract. “Wayne has stated that he feels his music is being held hostage, and he obviously is sick and tired of it,” said Slow Ventures. Wayne is planning on going to a judge, and asking that he be released from his contract, as well as being paid $8 million. The $8 million was supposed to be an advance on his new album, which was never released.

Wayne’s new album is ready to go, but it’s been purposely held back from release, by Cash Money Records. It’s interesting to see where this lawsuit will go, and if it will permanently damage the relationship between Lil’ Wayne and Bird Man.

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January 22 2015

Lil Wanye Releases Mixtape And Disses Birdman

After months of public rants on stage and social media from Lil Wayne over issues he seems to have with is label Cash Money Records and Birdman, Wayne has released a mixtape and is taking very direct shots at Birdman, over his recent treatment as an artist on the label. Over the summer there was some talk about Lil Wayne possibly leaving Cash Money due to a feud with Birdman for pushing his album back, however Wayne insisted that his album Carter V would still be released. Now it looks like Wayne’s latest album will collect dust until matters are settled in court.

Birdman didn’t seem to care one bit about Wayne’s public rants, and said that his contract is a contract and if Wayne wants to fuss they can take it to court. Along with the mixtape and diss tracks, theres is talk that Lil Wayne is considering No Limit Records as his new home, No Limit is a long time rival of Cash Money, so this will be seen as a major betrayal in Birdman’s eyes.

While there is still no way to know how all of this will play out, it’s obvious to people at companies like Slow Ventures that there is and will continue to be a tug of war between Wayne and his mentor Birdman and judging from the lyrics in Wayne’s songs there doesn’t seem to and end in sight.

January 19 2015

Frank Ocean Covers Aaliyah

As fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso and producers reminisce about Aaliyah – who would have turned 36 – on January 16th, Frank Ocean emerges with a befitting tribute. Ocean, who has been elusive, covered “At Your Best (You Are Love).”

The song shows off a falsetto as Ocean makes the song his own. It has a twofold purpose: it helps people remember Aaliyah during a time where her influences seem to have gotten buried in R&B, and it draws more attention to an upcoming Frank Ocean release. Frank has been quiet, and he hasn’t promised anything, but the world is still patiently waiting. So far, Ocean has only dropped one new single on SoundCloud. He appeared on Beyonce’s album at the end of 2013, but Ocean has not appeared anywhere else.

He made the list of albums that the MTV staff wanted to see in 2015. If he does decide to drop something new he will have a lot to compete with on the Billboard charts. There is a lot of anticipation for an album from Kanye West. There is anticipation for music from Kendrick Lamar. There are large number of acts that are bound to be competing for attention, but Ocean has a built-in fan base. He has gained fame from the commercial and critical success of his debut. Fans will be ready for him to release something new. Right now Aaliyah tributes will have to do.